Virtuosa is MP3 software that lets you keep track of your songs, create playlists and even do things such as adjust how much sound the left and right speakers output individually. This music manager software can't automatically scan your hard drive for audio and video files. Instead, you have to identify which files you want Virtuosa to import. However, there are advanced search capabilities that help you find files. This MP3 software supports large music collections – up to 10,000 audio files.

You can create skins, backgrounds and CD covers with this software. Additional skin and development tools online can change the appearance and functionality of this music player for your computer. This MP3 software enables you to import from and burn to CDs and DVDs.

The music player options in this music organizing software are limited. For instance, you can't press a button to have a track repeat or shuffle the order. It also lacks controls such as play, pause and new track in the minimized view, which you'd see in the best music manager applications.

You can sort your playlists by title, date, artist and more. You also have the option to normalize all your tracks so the volume doesn't fluctuate between songs. Virtuosa doubles as an audio file converter, so you can make all your music MP3s or another format. Additionally, Virtuosa has several visualizers.

This music database software comes with a getting started guide, FAQs, a forum, a help guide with a search feature, and a wizard to connect you with tech support. Virtuosa refers to sections of its help guide as tutorials. The website for this MP3 software has email addresses for departments such as sales and public relations, but not for tech support.

This software crashes sometimes when you press certain buttons. There are many panes within the software, but they complicate the screen with all their menus. It's also not fully compatible with Windows 7 and Mac OS X.

Virtuosa performs basic functions such as playing music and ripping CDs. However, it doesn't offer any features that make it stand out from other MP3 software. The interface is a little confusing, and the occasional crashes are frustrating.

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