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Winamp Pro 5.623 Review

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PROS / This music manager software supports 60 file types, including standard files such as MP3, WAV and WMA. It also supports less-common formats such as WEBM, ASX, M3U, AIF and CDA.

CONS / Although this MP3 software comes with help options, it's hard to track down a tech support email. Additionally, Winamp doesn't have a telephone number for tech support, which is always nice to have.

 VERDICT / Winamp has a simple interface and effective tools. You can auto-tag files, convert file formats, customize the display and equalize the audio.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 MP3 Software here.

Winamp Pro 5.623

Winamp is music manager software that comes with thousands of skins and plug-ins. You can import your library from iTunes, and if you're missing any information about a song, you can auto-tag it. Winamp allows you to rip and burn CDs, encode MP3 files, listen to online radio stations and convert files. It also supports 60 file formats. It helps you manage a large number of files easily. 

Music Management

When you launch this music organizing software, you can upload your iTunes library or manually upload files. Either way, the process is quick. Winamp automatically places tagged information into the correct categories on the play deck, which is something you'd expect from one of the best music manager applications. For instance, the tag includes the artist's name, title, time and album name. You can view the tag information for your songs. If your files are missing tag information, Winamp can auto-tag the file by searching the internet for data about the song.

This music management software is compatible with portable devices. You can even transfer playlists to these devices. Winamp is compatible with the iPod (Original, Shuffle, Nano and Classic). Unfortunately, it doesn't work with the iPod Touch or iPhone. Winamp supports smartphones, USB players, Creative MuVo, P4S-compatible devices such as Zune, thumb drives and more.

Winamp contains conversion software. It allows you to convert files to MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC and MP4. The process is extremely quick. You can burn and rip CDs at 48x the playback speed. However, the maximum speed depends on your computer.

You can play a selection, add files to a playlist, copy the contents to your hard drive and more. Winamp allows you to keep track of, chart and share the history of the songs you've listened to. You can choose online services such as internet radio, podcast directories, Tour Tracker, Winamp Charts, Song of the Day and MetroLyrics with this MP3 software. These options are available during the installation process.

Music Player

You can create playlists in this MP3 software easily by dragging and dropping songs, or you can choose to have Winamp find songs similar to the one you select. It does this by coordinating with Gracenote, which is a music and video database, and by then identifying songs on your hard drive that are similar. In a way, it's akin to an automatic DJ.

This music database software has a standard equalizer. The equalizer allows you to adjust the audio quality. You can make adjustments manually or use a preset. Some of the Winamp presets are Soft Rock, Techno and Full Treble.

If you like a visualizer to go along with your song, this is great MP3 software for you. Winamp comes with thousands of options. Among those available in this MP3 software, you'll find one that looks like lava flowing out of a purple sky and another that looks like stars traveling along sound waves.

Help & Support

The help section includes a MediaWiki that has a search feature. Winamp has 15 language options, including Spanish, Portuguese and French. Winamp has a blog, tutorials, forums and a FAQs page. If you need technical support with this MP3 software, you can read Tech Docs or send an email. The email address for Winamp is hard to find, though. We were most successful when we did a search on the internet for Winamp contact information rather than looking on the company's website.


Ease of Use

This MP3 software is versatile and sometimes complex, but the manufacturer has done a tremendous job of making it intuitive. It still takes a little time to learn, but it's easy to pick up.

The interface is sleek and visually pleasing. Additionally, the Winamp icons are based on the traditional visuals. For instance, Play is an arrow and Pause is the traditional double bars. If you've used other MP3 software, you'll probably feel comfortable with the layout and buttons.

Within the Winamp main window – when you browse your audio collection, for example – the upper half of the main window is separated into two boxes; the left lists all Artists, and the right lists Albums. The bottom half contains a list of all tracks. If you click on an artist in the upper left window, albums created by the artist appear in the right window, and all the artist's tracks sit in the larger bottom half.


Winamp makes it easy to organize, burn, convert, rip and listen to music. It comes with a large number of skins, visualizers and plug-ins. The database for this MP3 software is not as extensive as the databases for other music management software, however. Winamp has several help and support options, but its interface is intuitive enough that you probably won't need to use them much.

Winamp Pro 5.623