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Performance and Features

Time to Convert One Hour of Video
55 min
60 min
30 min
70 min
60 min
40 min
40 min
35 min
48 min
56 min
Video Preview Window
Frame Cropping
Modifiable Video Effects
Video Trim
Image Capture
Custom Menu
Chapter/Titleset Create
Drag & Drop
Best MP4 to DVD Converter: Make Your Favorite MP4 Videos More Accessible
MP4 to DVD converter software allows you to convert your MP4 videos into DVD videos that are playable on DVD compatible devices.

Input and Output Settings

Multiple Video Formats
Video Aspect Ratio
TV Standard
Backup Files

Output Media

DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W)
Dual Layer DVD

Help & Support

Product Guide/Tutorial
Live Chat

Operating Systems

Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP

Best MP4 to DVD Converter

Why Use MP4 to DVD Converter Software?

MP4 is a file format used to store audio and video files compressed to a small size. It is an ideal file container for storing and transferring digital media. MP4 to DVD converter software allows you to convert MP4s and other files to a DVD format so you can create your own customized videos or copy movies.

We've sorted through the best applications and compared them against each other. Our top three picks for the best MP4 to DVD converter software are Aimersoft DVD Creator, Leawo DVD Creator and Wondershare DVD Creator.

MP4 to DVD Converter Software: What to Look For

When you look for the ideal converter, keep your individual needs in mind. If you want editing tools for making adjustments, look for modifiable video effects, frame cropping and video trimming. Consider the quality and number of videos you want to convert. If you have, a large collection of movies that do not require many edits, look for converter software with fast conversion times and fewer editing tools. The following criteria will help you narrow your search.

Modifiable video effects are important if your images need touch-ups, because they allow you to make color corrections so you can adjust the lighting in your videos. You should consider whether the software offers video trimming, which allows you to remove unwanted parts of a video, as well as cropping, which lets you frame your images. Additionally, video effects allow you to make artistic enhancements such as adding sepia tones or split screens.

The best MP4 to DVD converters have a video preview window, which allows you to view and edit a converted video before saving it to DVD. Look for software that has a drag-and-drop clip add. This way you can simply attach your cursor to a video file and move it directly to the interface.

Input Settings and Output Settings
Most converters will work with various file types in addition to MP4 files. Make sure to purchase a converter that supports a variety of formats, including AVI, MKV, WMV and Xvid.

Many MP4 to DVD software programs have the ability to create DVD slide shows out of photographs. Be aware that not all converters offer this feature, so check first before spending your money. Look for audio input settings so you can upload your favorite music to play in the background.

If you are converting your movie collection, it is important to use a program with video aspect ratio settings. This gives you the ability to choose between a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio. A 4:3 aspect ratio will produce an image ideal for small televisions screens while a 16:9 ratio is ideal for a widescreen television.

Output Media
Make sure the conversion software you purchase is compatible with a variety of disc formats. To maximize your output video you can select a DVD-ROM disc to provide secure storage that cannot be recorded over. This is ideal for valuable data files that you cannot replace. If you need extra storage space, look for software compatible with dual-layer DVDs, which offer double the storage capacity of standard discs. Blu-ray format is also desirable as it allows you to play HD video, and if you are going to be viewing movies on a large television, you will appreciate the image quality.

Help and Support
Look for companies that have email or live chat so that if you have problems you can communicate directly with a customer service representative. It is also important that a company's website offer a FAQs page and online tutorials. Most of the companies we reviewed provide product guides or manuals with step-by-step user instructions.

Whether you want to convert personal videos and photos or copy a large collection of movies to DVDs, the right MP4 to DVD converter software can do it. You can find a variety of features and conversion speeds to suit your needs.