Pros / You can customize the menu's set-up options.

Cons / This conversion software is limited in that it cannot convert multiple file formats other than MP4.

 Verdict / The Solid MP4 to DVD Converter and Burner is a reliable conversation software that performs well converting MP4 to DVD however; it does not offer many editing tools.

The Solid MP4 to DVD Converter and Burner converts MP4 files into DVDs but you can’t perform edits in the process. The software’s interface design is outdated, but it is still an effective program for converting MP4 files to a DVD format. Its effectiveness may be overshadowed by the fact that it can only convert MP4 files, which is a problem if you have multiple file formats.

To use this video to DVD converter, you simply upload you video files into the converter, select from the output options and the click the burn DVD button. The output options allow you to save the file to your computer, select a label for you disc and the size of your output DVD. Other useful features include a custom tool for building subtitles and the ability to organize videos into chapters.

There are no video effects, so you can’t make color corrections or artistic enhancements such as black and white or split screens but the Solid Video to DVD Converter and Burner does include a status bar that lets you know how much room you have left for media on the output DVD. You can also customize the menu thanks to a small selection of setup options.

This software converts and burns MP4 to DVD slightly slower than competing products, but the output video quality is preserved well in the conversion process. This MP4 to DVD software proves to be reliable; you will just have to wait a little longer for results.

There is an email support for one-on-one product support, and the included user guide is comprehensive and straightforward. If you run into problems while using product, help and support is available but it takes 48 hours to get a response to email inquiries.

Solid MP4 to DVD Converter and Burner 1.2.7 Visit Site
  • Time To Convert
  1. The amount of time it takes to convert one hour of video.
    less is better
  2. 10  Solid MP4 to DVD Converter and Burner
    56.0 Minutes
  3. 55.0 Minutes
  4. 60.0 Minutes
  5. 30.0 Minutes
  6. Category Average
    49.4 Minutes


This is a reliable converter, but it offers a very limited set of features and tools. Video editing and affects are scarce, and options for customization are few. Because it does not work with formats other than MP4, your options are limited. However, the menu and subtitle creation features provide some tools for individualizing your DVD. Overall, the Solid MP4 to DVD Converter and Burner is a reliable conversation software that offers high quality DVDs.

Solid MP4 to DVD Converter and Burner 1.2.7 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Output Media

DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W)
Dual Layer DVD

Operating Systems

Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP

Input and Output Settings

Multiple Video Formats
Video Aspect Ratio
TV Standard
Backup Files

Performance and Features

Time to Convert One Hour of Video
56 min
Video Preview Window
Frame Cropping
Modifiable Video Effects
Video Trim
Image Capture
Custom Menu
Chapter/Titleset Create
Drag & Drop

Help & Support

Product Guide/Tutorial
Live Chat