Pros / Super DVD Creator offers a faster conversion speed than many other video to DVD converters.

Cons / The user interface is complex and difficult to navigate.

 Verdict / This great DVD creator is ideal for advanced users with prior video editing experience.

Super DVD Creator is a user-friendly MP4 to DVD software that is able to convert video files into a DVD compatible format, letting you burn your favorite videos into DVDs. It lets you organize the order in which your videos play so you have artistic control over the final product. Many video to DVD converters do not have this function, but with the Super DVD Creator, you can walk your video file through each phase of the conversion process and make changes as you go.

Unlike many converters, that burn your MP4 straight to a DVD, this program gives you several conversion options. One option is to convert videos to a VOB file, which contains video and audio files in stream form. Alternatively, you can compile and organize your files on your computer first, then transfer them. You can also create a DVD folder and custom DVD menu to save on your PC.

Some of the tools you find with other video to DVD converters are missing, like modifiable video affects, but this program includes cut and merge functions so you can trim out the parts of the video that you don't want and you can add design templates and background music.

Super DVD Creator's available features are great for individualizing your output DVD, but the conversion process is complex, so this software is a challenge to learn especially if you don't have video editing experience.

This software does not offer an updated version, but it is still available online. Although the company website has a FAQs page and email, contact form there is no one-on-one real time customer support. The best way to get answers to questions is to use one of the online forums where other users have posted troubleshooting tips.

Super DVD Creator 9.8.10 Visit Site
  • Time To Convert
  1. The amount of time it takes to convert one hour of video.
    less is better
  2. 6  Super DVD Creator
    40.0 Minutes
  3. 55.0 Minutes
  4. 60.0 Minutes
  5. 30.0 Minutes
  6. Category Average
    49.4 Minutes


The user interface is more complicated than other converters but this is one of the faster programs and it has all of the necessary tools for customization. However, because this software is more difficult to use and help and support is hard to access, this program is ideal for individuals who already have some video editing experience.

Super DVD Creator 9.8.10 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Output Media

DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W)
Dual Layer DVD

Operating Systems

Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP

Input and Output Settings

Multiple Video Formats
Video Aspect Ratio
TV Standard
Backup Files

Performance and Features

Time to Convert One Hour of Video
40 min
Video Preview Window
Frame Cropping
Modifiable Video Effects
Video Trim
Image Capture
Custom Menu
Chapter/Titleset Create
Drag & Drop

Help & Support

Product Guide/Tutorial
Live Chat