Pros / You can import several different file types to add your own backgrounds and embellishments to your collages.

Cons / There isn't a way to add video and music to your collage.

 Verdict / CraftArtist is a photo collage maker and an image editor in one program, which will not only give you multiple uses for it but also add to the quality of the mixed-media art you create.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our site because it has been discontinued. You can still read about it below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Serif is a European company that has been creating publishing and graphics software for more than 25 years. Its latest photo collage software, CraftArtist, offers a feature-packed workspace and designer templates. Serif has an excellent user interface, a plethora of high-end papers and embellishments, and fantastic export and import options.

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While the company offers designer digikits through, CraftArtist is limited in the number of templates and embellishments that come with the software. You will only find 10 collage templates and around 50 embellishments to choose from when you initially open the program. However, there are thousands of templates, embellishments and shapes you can purchase online for this collage maker. The program can automatically fill a collage with pre-selected pictures, or you can choose to manually drag and drop images into the template.

CraftArtist allows you to import any images you would like into your workspace, which makes it one of the best picture collage programs. This means you can create or purchase papers, embellishments, punches, stencils and more from different programs and import them into CraftArtist. As long as the files are in a compatible format, such as PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG or TIF, you can use them interchangeably with tools in CraftArtist. We especially love that you can create SVG files to use with electronic cutting machines.

Within this collage creator, you can add images and edit them right in the software. You can remove red eye and spot-repair shiny foreheads. There are even photo filters, light adjustments and special effects you can add. Image-editing tools give you the ability to make your collage professional and sleek. The best photo collage programs have many editing options, which means CraftArtist is a solid program.

One drawback is the program's lack of video and music interactive features. With media slanting toward video, you might want something that will allow you to stay up-to-date with digital formatting.

CraftArtist isn't a photo collage program you can master in a half an hour – it takes time to test the tools and figure out the workflow. We used the software for more than an hour to review CraftArtist and didn't feel like we had learned everything it could do. Your photo collage prowess will improve the longer you spend learning the program's ins and outs.

Export Options

Exporting your finished collage is easy. You simply select Export from the File dropdown menu and choose how to save the file. You can save it as a JPG, BMP, PNG, SVG, TIF or PDF. Notice that these export options are very similar to those you can import. You can also send the file to a home printer or email it as a JPG or PDF.

Help & Support

An entire YouTube channel is dedicated to video tutorials for CraftArtist. These videos show you how to use the complicated features every step of the way – making them less confusing and more usable. There are FAQs on Serif's website or directly through the photo collage software. You can reach a support representative via CraftArtist's toll-free phone number or email address. Collage programs can be difficult to master, but CraftArtist's support services are very useful for a newcomer.


CraftArtist is a photo collage maker that doubles as an image editor. We especially like that you aren't boxed into buying program-specific templates and papers. With this collage creator's fabulous import functionality, you can add any compatible image to your background selection. Within one program, you can clean up your images, insert them into a designer collage template, add embellishments, and share your projects with your friends and family.

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