Pros / You can customize your collage or scrapbook page to any dimension.

Cons / There is no way to see individual layers, which makes grabbing secondary layers difficult.

 Verdict / MyMemories Suite has a template selection, customization options and an assortment of embellishments that are unmatched.

MyMemories is a well-known program for scrapbookers, but MyMemories Suite 9 is also a fantastic photo collage software program. In a matter of minutes, you can transform a folder of photos into a collage. Because of its easy-to-use interface, plethora of templates and quality design tools, we've awarded MyMemories Suite our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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When you initially download the software, there are a limited number of templates, embellishments, shapes and backgrounds. However links within the software send you to MyMemories Suite's website where you can download thousands of free graphics. We were unable to count all of the free shapes, word art and embellishments, as there is such a huge selection.

The beauty of this collage maker is that you can do as much or as little as you want to your picture collage. There are thousands of templates, embellishments and shapes, but you can also make a simple, no-fuss collage of images. You can customize your background, edit images in the software, and add video or music to make your project interactive. A huge improvement of the new MyMemories Suite over previous versions of this photo collage program is its ability to completely customize your canvas size. When you first open a project, you are prompted to choose a template or create a project from scratch. If you choose to design from scratch, you can select a canvas size measured in pixels or inches. From here, you can create a photo collage, a Facebook timeline photo, a blog header, an Instagram frame or anything in between. We love this new option because you can now use this program's amazing selection of embellishments and papers for projects other than scrapbooks.

The MyMemories Suite workspace is very easy navigate. The intuitive interface organizes tools both above and on both sides of the workspace. We got the hang of the software after experimenting and trying out the different tools for half an hour. MyMemories Suite has a fantastic selection of tutorials to ease the learning process. If you're upgrading from an older version, you'll have no trouble catching on.

We found that the easiest way to create a photo collage is to put some attention into the prep work. First, we created a folder with images we wanted to assemble into a collage. Then we uploaded that folder into our workspace. Finally, we used the FastFill option, which automatically places pictures into a collage template. In less than a minute, all our pictures were professionally organized into a collage. You can then play with embellishments to spice up the graphics or go straight to printing and sharing.

One of the only real shortcomings of this software is the lack of layer visuals. For instance, if you put one layer onto another, you cannot go back to the layer under it and make changes. It requires you to go in and replace the layer with whatever editing changes made beforehand. Even though this missing feature isn’t a huge deal, it is something that other software contains, and it can be useful. MemoryMixer doesn't have as many design elements but it does allow you to view separate layers.

Some of the intuitive features may seem basic, but compared to other photo collage software options on the market, MyMemories is a very advanced collage creator. For example, you can right-click on any image, embellishment or text box to adjust its layer order, edit the image properties, group layers and more. Other photo collage software programs don't have this feature. The same goes for the drag-and-drop functionality. You can drag any image you've uploaded into MyMemories onto your workspace and drop it wherever you want.

Export Options

Unlike its competitors, MyMemories Suite has the ability to publish your completed photo collages in digital and physical formats, something the best photo collage programs should have. You can print your creation using your home computer or send it to MyMemories to be professionally printed. You can also export your collage as a JPEG, PNG or PDF file. If you've created an interactive album with music, you can burn it to a DVD. One of the most unique export options on MyMemories Suite is the ability to export a page or an embellishment as an SVG file. You can then import the SVG image into an electronic cutting machine to cut the shape out of paper for a physical project.

Help & Support

MyMemories covers all of the bases in the customer service arena. On the MyMemories website, you'll find a plethora of FAQs, feature specifications and links to the company's Facebook page, blog and YouTube channel. The MyMemories Facebook page is a great forum of current users bouncing ideas off each other and receiving feedback from MyMemories' representatives. The blog has new content daily, providing giveaways to readers and showing off the latest designer templates, embellishments and papers. Our favorite support feature, however, is the MyMemories YouTube channel. Here you'll find step-by-step video tutorials explaining new features and demonstrating helpful tips.


MyMemories Suite is the best photo collage software with its updated export options, limitless template selection and fabulous customer support. The intuitive user interface takes the stress out of online collage design and adds a level of creativity that exceeded our expectations.

MyMemories Suite 9 Visit Site

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