Pros / There are thousands of templates and embellishments.

Cons / The software has a steep learning curve.

 Verdict / You can tweak The Print Shop Deluxe’s features to work as photo collage software, but the program wasn’t designed with collage creation in mind.

Editor's note: A newer version of this product is available. The manufacturer lists the new version as offering the following features: a custom border maker; import photos from Facebook and dynamic image control. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version of this product when we next update the Photo Collage Software reviews.

The Print Shop Deluxe is a top photo collage software program that evolved from making formatted items, like greeting cards and an array of multi-themed collages. By tweaking the standard creative tools, you can turn one of The Print Shop’s photo collage templates into a collage with your own creative distinction.

The Print Shop Deluxe is primarily desktop publishing software, and because of this distinction, it has hundreds of embellishments at your disposal in its collage-maker programs. You can also add clipart shapes and text to your collages. To make your project more engaging, you can add video or music as well. However, a few editing features we would have liked to see include weight adjustment and changing photos to black and white. If you find these features important, consider looking into MyMemories Suite.

With this picture collage maker, you can save your collage or other projects to your hard drive as a PDF or JPEG. You can also publish it to the web and post it to Facebook. Other software applications in our lineup give you many more export options such as social media outlets like Facebook.

The Print Shop Deluxe is filled with a library of creative features, but this creates a problem as you try to navigate through all of the design tools. The Print Shop should simplify the options to create a more visually appealing, easily navigable workspace, and then it might become one of the best collage software programs on the market. However, we were impressed with the presence of essential easy-to-use tools, like an organizer for separate photo files and an option for rotating projects.

Broderbund, the manufacturer of The Print Shop, is one of the only collage program manufacturers that offers live-chat assistance on its website. We love this feature because it allows you to receive a quick answer to your problem with the convenience of talking to a real person. There is also a huge knowledgebase with answers to hundreds of FAQs. The website also lists an email address and a phone number to contact customer support. The site includes online tutorials to help you learn how to make collages and navigate the software.

The Print Shop Deluxe 3.5 Visit Site
  • Collage Templates
  • Embellishments
  • Shape Options
  • Text Options
  • Customizable Backgrounds
  1. You can put your pictures into a pre-made setting.
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The Print Shop Deluxe is photo collage software that has everything you may want on paper, but it doesn’t live up to expectations when navigating the program's tools. The functionality is there, but the learning curve is steep.

The Print Shop Deluxe 3.5 Visit Site

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