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ACDSee Pro 10 Review

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PROS / The haze removal tool is great for perfecting landscape photos.

CONS / The lack of a panorama feature may hamper certain projects.

 VERDICT / ACDSee Pro 10 is sophisticated software that can make photos look polished and professional, though it is not especially welcoming to newcomers.

ACDSee Pro 10 offers professional-grade tools in a comprehensive package. In addition to advanced editing capabilities, this photo editing software has powerful organizing features that help you keep track of every image, even if you have a massive collection. Its professional-level functionality puts it on the complex side, so there may a be a learning curve for beginners, but it is still among the best photo editing software.

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This software is divided into six operating modes – Manage, Photos, View, Develop, Edit and 365 – that help you work with your photos in a logical way. The different modes allow you to move smoothly through the process of getting what you want from each photo, from organizing and editing to finally sharing them.

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The photo editor has standard editing tools, including ones for selection, shape, and painting and drawing. Each of these helps you complete common editing procedures. ACDSee Pro’s photo software accesses the fonts already on your computer and allows you to enhance your photos with a variety of effects.

In addition to the basics, the software features more advanced tools, such as cloning, touch-up and vector graphic tools. You can use these to completely transform your photos and eliminate unwanted flaws or background elements.

With 60 filters to choose from, you can alter the textures and colors in your images with one click. ACDSee Pro also offers impressive editing tools like haze removal for landscape shots to make them vividly clear and truly advanced skin perfecting. With the Skin Tune tool, you can even out skin tone, restore glow and smooth away blemishes.

This image editor software also has automatic edit options that adjust or correct your photo automatically. With batch processing, you can apply those same automatic edits to individual or multiple photos at a time. This feature greatly reduces editing time when you need to apply the same edit to more than one photo.

While the software offers a good selection of photo editing tools, it lacks one editing capability that the best photo editor software usually offers – creating panoramic pictures. This tool would let you seamlessly merge two photos into one image, which is a great help for some projects.

ACDSee Pro 10 has a comprehensive and useful organization system that helps you file photos in a logical way and find them quickly later on. In Manage Mode there is a folder tree that looks like a typical Windows folder tree where you can access all your photos, even ones that you have not imported into ACDSee Pro. This software looks for all photos on your computer and then helps you categorize them in several different ways.

In View Mode you can organize photos by the day, month or year they were taken, by keywords, by ratings you assign, by geographical locations where they were taken, by which camera you used, and other designations. Photos Mode is another great place in the software to find specific images even when you have a large photo collection. When you click on the Photos tab, you get a top-down view of every photo file you have, organized by date. Photos Mode can be great for viewing and displaying your collection or just finding a photo you would like to edit.

The program supports over 50 different file formats, including the popular RAW, JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PSD and PDF formats. This should cover almost any project, though some competitors offer compatibility with even more file types. With resizing tools, you can optimize your photos for online content so you can post them on the web.

ACDSee Pro allows you to post your photos or albums onto social media websites and online galleries, or to send them through emails. This software makes it easy to upload your projects to Facebook and Twitter. There is also a Facebook button so you can do it directly.

ACDSee Pro gives you access to user guides and support directly from the program. For questions or technical difficulties, you can contact customer service representatives by phone or email. You can also search for answers on the product’s FAQs webpage or ask a question in the user forum.


A tool for creating panoramas and a little more file compatibility would make ACDSee Pro 10 even more competitive, but it is already very good. This is complex software that is still within a relatively normal price range for novices. There are tools for manipulating photos in a long list of ways, and the photo editor also helps you keep track of your entire photo collection with its organizational tools.

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