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CyberLink PhotoDirector Ultra 8 Review

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PROS / The built-in organizing system helps you find and edit your photos quickly and easily. The built-in organizing system helps you find and edit your photos quickly and easily.

CONS / This software only supports five photo file formats.

 VERDICT / PhotoDirector 8 has limited compatibility, but it makes up for it with advanced organizing tools and editing capabilities.

You do not have to be a professional photo editor to understand the CyberLink PhotoDirector 8 Ultra software. With the program’s clean interface and clear labels, you can find all of the photo editing tools you need. This photo editing software has a wide assortment of basic and advanced editing tools, as well as an organizer that keeps all of your photos ready for when you need to edit them.

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The photo editor’s layout is easy to navigate with its six main modules: Library, Adjustment, Edit, Layers, Slideshow and Print. You can find specific tools under each of the tabs to help you perform a variety of editing tasks.

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The Library tab holds the image editor’s organizing system, and you can import photos individually, by folder, or directly from your camera and then organize them into categories. The program’s organizing system helps you keep track of your photos by applying tags and keywords to them. PhotoDirector also has a face-tagging function, so you can search for a single image or batch of photos with a specific person in them.

Using the Adjustment and Edit tabs, you can apply several standard edits to your photos. The program offers selection, color management, background removal and shape tools. It also has people beautifier tools that include a skin smoother, a teeth whitener, a red-eye remover, and a body shaper you can use to tone and slim down the subjects in your photos.

In addition to standard editing capabilities, this software has advanced tools you can use to manipulate and transform your photos. The Layers tab allows you to work with and edit layers. There are also 14 blending modes and a selection of tools that add text, fills and gradients to your images.

This picture editor has creative filters you can use to add texture and color to your images. You can also use the highlight and shadow adjustment tools to further transform your photos, and the software features cloning tools to help you remove spots or blemishes. Using PhotoDirector, you can create panoramic pictures and HDR images.

If you have photos with distortions caused by your camera’s lens, you can use the lens distortion correction tool to fix them. The software has batch processing, so you can apply the same edit to multiple photos at once. This feature decreases editing time significantly.

While the photo editor has a wide variety of editing tools, it lacks a lot of file compatibility. It can work with various video and audio files, but it only supports five photo file formats: RAW, JPG, PNG, PHI and TIFF. This limits the kinds of projects you can create, as well as what images you can import into the software.

After you edit your photos, there are several different ways you can share them. The program can directly post individual images or albums of photos to social media websites. You can also share photos by email. Using the Print tab, you can select different layouts or alter quantity and photo sizes before you print your images. The software also allows you to create slideshows of your photos you can share on YouTube.

CyberLink offers support for its product both within the program and on its website. You can access video tutorials, product FAQs, and user forums that discuss common problems and solutions. The company also lists a support email address and phone number.


CyberLink PhotoDirector 8 Ultra offers a selection of both basic and advanced editing tools. With modules holding all of the tools in a clean interface, you can quickly find what you are looking for. While the software lacks the extensive file compatibility of the best photo editor software, it is a good resource for beginners to learn how to edit.

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