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Corel PaintShop Pro X9 Review

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PROS / It offers a wide selection of basic and professional tools that both novice and expert photographers can appreciate.

CONS / The software only works on Windows operating systems.

 VERDICT / PaintShop Pro 9 is easy to use and has professional-grade tools. You can learn how to edit images easily using this software and continue using it as your skills advance.

Corel PaintShop Pro is a powerful photo editing and photo management program. It has many image-editing tools, which are organized in a user-friendly interface. It's a good application for both beginners and professional photo editors. We award Corel PaintShop Pro X9 our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for its wide selection of basic and professional editing tools, advanced organizing system, and user-friendly design.

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Editing Tools

The software's interface uses tabs to divide the editing tools by function, which makes the program easy to use and navigate. It has three main tabs for its tools: Manage, Adjust and Edit. The Manage tab is where the photo organizer is found, and you can use it to browse, tag and organize photos. The Adjust tab has basic tools that help you crop, straighten, retouch and make other small fixes. The Edit tab houses most of the advanced editing tools that help you refine photos. Since each tab houses different functions and tools, it is easy to locate what you want without getting lost in the program.

In the Adjust and Edit tabs, tools are displayed in an organized manner, so you can find them quickly. The program offers several editing tools that serve many different functions. For example, PaintShop has several color-management tools. It has a background removal tool as well as an object extractor so you can remove unwanted objects or backgrounds from photos.

The picture editor can add effects to your text to make it stand out. In addition, PaintShop X9 has over 90 creative filters you can apply to completely change the textures and colors in your photos. This software can layer photos to create vivid HDR images and stitch pictures together to make detailed panoramas. You can further alter images using the highlight and shadow adjustment tools.

PaintShop Pro has tools for editing close-up portraits. Using red eye removal and makeover tools, you can eliminate blemishes, smooth wrinkles, whiten teeth and enhance skin tones on subjects. You also can use the cloning tool and layers to help you correct your photos. These layers also allow you to test effects and filters on your photos without permanently changing the original image.

Since it serves as both a photo editor and design software, this program includes vector graphic tools, which means you can use it to edit both vector and raster images.

Auto edit options are included as well, which make automatic corrections to your photos, and the software's lens distortion corrector fixes bowing caused by wide-angle lenses. PaintShop Pro supports batch processing, so you can apply the same edit to multiple files at the same time, greatly reducing your editing time.


The best photo editing software includes a built-in organizing system to help you store and manage photos. As explained earlier, under the Manage tab is where you'll find the photo organizer. You can organize images by tags, people, places and ratings and easily find them later using this information.

One nice feature of PaintShop Pro X9 is that it has face-detection technology that automatically groups photos based on the subjects in each image. The organizer makes it easy to archive images to CDs and DVDs. You can also look at your photos' EXIF data from the organization screen, which helps you to remember how specific settings on your camera allowed you to capture a particular look in your photos.

Import & Export Options

Supporting over 40 file formats, you can import most images into the application. The program is compatible with common image files such as RAW, JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PSD and PDF.

The software has tools that help you optimize your photos for use on the web. If you are uploading and editing pictures for online content, you can use the slicer tool to cut your image into smaller pieces, which decreases the time it takes to load your images.

Help & Support

You can connect directly with Corel's customer service team by email, phone or live chat. In our experience, Corel's customer service representatives were prompt in their responses and consistently friendly. In addition to direct communication with Corel, you can use the video tutorials, FAQs and user forum on its website as resources.



PaintShop Pro X9's professional photo editing tools help you edit and transform your photos. Even though the program can do a lot, feature-wise, it's extremely easy to use for beginners; it provides numerous learning resources and features a user-friendly interface. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can use this software to create high-quality photos.

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