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Photolightning 5.51 Review

PROS / With batch processing, you can make edits to a group of photos all at once.

CONS / The software lacks some advanced photo editing tools.

 VERDICT / While this software lacks the advanced features the top-ranked photo editing software offers, it is easy to use for basic edits.

Photolightning serves as an effective basic editing software. With this program, you can crop images, fix lighting, add text and even add filters to images.

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This photo editing software has several automatic and preset editing options, making it a good choice for those without previous editing experience. In addition to the automatic edits, this software features basic editing tools, including cropping, resizing, painting and drawing tools, and red eye removal.

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The software lacks advanced editing tools, limiting the adjustments you can make to the photo. For example, there are no selection tools, so you cannot make an edit to a specific part of a photo. It also lacks layers and vector tools, which make it a very basic editing program.

This photo software allows you to download photos directly to the program from either your digital camera or computer. You can set the program to automatically import your photos whenever the camera is plugged in to the computer.

This picture editor features batch processing, which helps you make edits quickly. With batch processing, you can apply edits, filters and adjustments to multiple photos at once. This greatly decreases editing time when you want to apply the same edit to more than one photo.

In addition to its photo editing capabilities, this software also has a full-featured organization application. You can sort and label your photos by date, time or even whether they have been edited or not. This software also has the ability to recognize photos already downloaded to the program and automatically skips over them.

There are several ways to share your photos after you have edited them. The program allows you to order prints online directly from photo developers. You also can print from home on your own printer. In addition, you can create a slideshow or attach images to an email. This software does not allow you to post directly to social media websites.

The software’s manufacturer does not offer much support. You can contact technical support by email or search through the company’s frequently asked questions. You also can access the manual using the help file directly in the software.


Photolightning serves as an effective basic photo editor. With automatic edits and batch processing, the software helps beginners learn how to edit images. However, with a strong focus on basic editing tools, this software does not compare to the advanced features that the best photo editor software offer.

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