Pros / This photo manager offers a variety of advanced editing tools, organizing features and sharing capabilities.

Cons / You cannot lock or password protect your albums.

 Verdict / This top-rated program has the features and capabilities to organize a large photo collection with ease, as well as professional-grade tools that help you transform your photos.

PhotoDirector 8 is now available. Clicking the Buy button will take you to this version for purchase. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version when we next update the photo manager software reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review below about PhotoDirector 7.

The best photo managers offer a lot of organizing tools to help you sort and search through your photos, as well as a basic photo editor so you can edit your pictures before you store them. The Top Ten Reviews Silver Award goes to PhotoDirector 7 Ultra because it provides a way to manage and store your photos, and it also helps you edit and share them.

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  1. We evaluated how easy it is to search for, add tags to, share and edit photos with each software and combined our findings to create a qualitative score.
  2. 2  PhotoDirector 7
    95.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 3  ACDSee
    95.0 %
  5. Category Average
    93.0 %

File Management

This photo manager offers a variety of ways to import your photos to the software. You can import images from the CyberLink cloud, folders on your hard drive or from your camera. The program has RAW compatibility and allows you to work with most camera image files. The service comes with 20GB of free cloud storage, but it is the only cloud service compatible with PhotoDirector.

PhotoDirector uses several different methods to organize your photos. You can create keyword tags, smart collections, star ratings, flags and color coding to sort them. The program uses stacks to sort your images. Based on composition, frame, time or date, the program can either automatically stack you photos, or you can manually stack them by simply dragging and dropping.

In addition to keyword tagging, this software also features face tagging. You create tags for each person in your collection. The program distinguishes faces, and you simply indicate who is in each image. While this feature helps you sort photos by the people in them, it would be more efficient if the program auto tagged faces.


This photo organizer helps you share digital and hard copy photos. You can create slideshows and directly upload them to YouTube. You also can create a slideshow and burn it to a CD or DVD. The program allows you to directly export to Facebook, the CyberLink cloud and DirectorZone, a forum where you download templates.

Editing & Extras

This program has several standard and advanced editing tools to help you transform your images. With nondestructive editing, you can make changes to your photos without harming the original copy. Among the editing features are cosmetic tools, including a body shaper, makeup, teeth whitener, wrinkle remover, skin tone adjuster and blemish remover. You can use these tools to erase and heal unwanted wrinkles and blemishes in your photos. Also, with the bucket feature you can combine your favorite pieces of multiple photos in to one to get the best of both. For example, this allows you to swap faces for better smiles.

The software also features some automatic adjustment tools that change the color, balance and contrast of a photo at the push of a button. The automatic tools improve usability and help you edit your photos quickly while still maintaining quality.

This program has several additional tools you can use to remove unwanted objects from your images. The content-aware removal tool automatically removes objects you highlight, but this can result in warped or blurred images. You also can use the smart patch, which removes an object from the image but allows you to choose the area of the image you want to use as a patch.

This photo manager has advanced features like panorama and HDR imaging. You can use these tools to create one amazing image using multiple photos. With the cloud service, you can access this software and your photos from multiple devices, and the program has a companion app for mobile devices. You can access PhotoDirector on both Android and iOS devices.

Help & Support

CyberLink offers ample support for its software. The website gives you access to user forums, FAQs and tutorials that help you learn more about the software. You also can contact customer service by email or phone. It may take a few days for a return email; however, CyberLink offers helpful advice and links to more resources.


This photo management software excels in both organizing and editing. Not only can you sift through thousands of photos and easily find the one you need, but you can also correct and transform your photos with its large number of editing tools. While the software’s capabilities may seem intimidating to beginners, it maintains its usability and offers a variety of helpful resources.

PhotoDirector 7 Ultra Visit Site