Pros / In addition to its high recovery rates for raster images, it recovers production images at an above-average rate.

Cons / In our tests, the installation took longer than it did for most other programs we reviewed.

 Verdict / O&O MediaRecovery posted some excellent recovery rates for all of the file types except camera raw images, but the installation was frustrating.

O&O MediaRecovery was designed primarily for recovering photos, music and videos from MP3 players, digital cameras and memory cards. However, it can also recover all types of media files from standard hard disk drives. In our tests, it performed well enough to land in the middle of our comparison of photo recovery software, despite the poor grade for its installation and its vector image recovery rate.

We performed two types of tests on O&O MediaRecovery – a lost file scenario and a reformatted drive scenario. We ran both tests multiple times on different drive types then averaged the recovery rates. In each test, we looked at how well the software recovered raster, vector, production and camera raw images. It performed admirably with every file type except vector images.

The most important feature of any picture recovery software is its success at recovering JPGs, considering it’s the most common photo format. Not only did O&O MediaRecovery rescue every JPG in every test, it also recovered other raster images at a rate of 82 percent – well above the category average of 71 percent.

In the lost file tests, the image recovery tool’s ability to recover production images was admirable – garnering a 59 percent success rate, which is also above average. However, it only returned a subpar 19 percent of camera raw images and 0 percent of vector images – averages well below the rates of the best photo recovery software we tested.

The one significant flaw in the performance was the recovery rates for the camera raw images – it isn’t able to recognize even half of the file types. However, the software redeems itself somewhat with its scanning speed, which was well above the average in our testing, though the recovery speed is a little slower than our average.

The company has a variety of informational resources for this software on its website, including educational articles, a PDF user manual and a few helpful tutorials. You can also contact the company directly via email and phone.

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  • Average Scan Speed
  • Average Recover Speed
  1. The higher numbers equal a faster speed.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 6  O&O MediaRecovery
    184.0 GB
  3. 17.0 GB
  4. 293.0 GB
  5. 204.0 GB
  6. Category Average
    121.4 GB


O&O MediaRecovery is a decent photo recovery program overall, and it's a strong option if you only need to recover JPGs and other raster images. It also records decent recovery rates for production images and has fast scanning speeds, but it leaves something to be desired with its nonexistent vector recovery rate and muddy installation process.

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Olympus (ORF)
Fuji (RAF)
Kodak (DCR, KDC)
Panasonic (RAW, RW2)
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