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Pinnacle Studio 20 Review

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Pinnacle Studio by Corel is designed for the aspiring professional video editor. It has three separate versions: Studio, Plus and Ultimate. Each one has progressively more tools and features that enable you create evermore complex projects while teaching you the essentials of editing video. This abundance of tools allows you to make your projects as simple or advanced as you wish, depending on your skill level.

One of the first things you notice about Pinnacle Studio is that it features a combined timeline/storyboard workflow. This is unique among all the professional video editing software on the market, as it allows you to work in both modes simultaneously – other video editors make you switch between them. This can be both useful and somewhat distracting if you prefer working in one mode or the other.

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Each version of Pinnacle Studio comes with a library of preloaded effects, transitions and templates. These elements make it easy to manipulate the audio and video of your project. You can use them to adjust the color of your shots, apply filters, add transitions between shots and scenes, and much more. Pinnacle Studio comes with a library of more than 1,500 objects, Plus has 1,800 and Ultimate comes with a whopping 2,000 elements to choose from.

Another advanced tool that comes with Pinnacle Studio is multi-cam editing. This gives you the ability to synchronize and edit footage of the same event caught from multiple sources. So if you attend a concert and have multiple angles from different smartphones, you can use the program to sync them, pick the best angles and edit them together with relative ease. The Standard version lets you do this with two cameras, and the Plus and Ultimate versions have the capacity to sync four and six cameras respectively.

Another feature worthy of note is the ability to edit and manipulate footage from 360-degree and 4K cameras. These are emerging technologies that are geared mostly toward prosumers and professionals and are only available in the Ultimate version of the software. So if you have one of these new, cutting edge devices, you may want to spend a few extra bucks for the Ultimate version.

There are too many features and tools in Pinnacle Studio to cover in a short summary. Luckily, the official website has a full list of what you can do with the software, and Corel makes ample learning tools available in its knowledgebase. Pinnacle Studio is a great choice for those who want to be professional video editors but don’t yet have the skills to effectively work more advanced programs.

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