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VideoStudio Pro Review

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If you’re new to video editing and considering buying a big-name professional video editing program, you might be better served by starting out with Corel VideoStudio. It’s an application that makes it easy to create your video projects. It offers many of the same tools found in more advanced programs but packages them in a way that makes them accessible to anyone willing to take the time to learn.

VideoStudio Pro comes in two versions: Pro and Ultimate. Both have the features you need to make a finely polished project, but the Ultimate version packs some more premium special effects. If you’re new, you probably want to start out with the Pro version and then upgrade to Ultimate once you’ve learned the ropes.

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Each version of the software utilizes the easy-to-use timeline/storyboard workflow, which allows you to arrange your video clips and other media the way you’re most comfortable. Novices are usually well-served by using the storyboard to create the broad strokes of their projects and then moving to the timeline to fine-tune their creations. You can switch between timeline and storyboard seamlessly with all your edits intact.

Beyond simply arranging and trimming your media, VideoStudio offers several advanced tools that professional video editors use when creating movies, TV shows and other content. There’s a chroma key (green screen) tool that allows you to put whatever background you want into your videos. There’s also a multi-cam option that enables you to synchronize and combine video of the same event from multiple sources. The Pro version allows you to do this with four cameras, while Ultimate gives you up to six tracks to work with.

Other advanced tools let you use motion tracking. This means you can mark off moving objects in your video, apply an effect and have the program follow them through your clip; this keeps the effect moving with the object so you don’t have to manually apply it frame by frame, which is a huge timesaver.

You also get a nifty stop-motion animator, which allows you to bring inanimate objects to life for your videos. This process is somewhat time consuming and takes a while to learn, but it’s worth it. One other advanced option worth mentioning is the time-lapse editor, which enables you to make those beautiful videos that take place over hours, days or even weeks, depending on your project.

Corel VideoStudio is a great place to start learning how to edit video. It may not be as powerful as professional video editing software, but if you’re looking to make simple or even moderately complex projects, it provides a great starting point in your video editing journey.

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