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VHS to DVD Software Review

Why Buy VHS to DVD Software?

While we hope our VHS collections will last forever, in reality, they are deteriorating slowly every day. The longer you wait, the more you risk losing precious captured moments forever - unless you transfer the video footage to an updated digital format.

Fortunately, VHS to DVD software is available to help you convert your VHS and camcorder tapes. These programs can make it easy to preserve and protect all of those birthdays, weddings and other memorable moments that would otherwise end up lost forever.

While all VHS to DVD software is capable of capturing video from your devices, there are many features found in our top-ranked VHS to DVD programs that make them stand out. We found Diamond’s One-Touch Video Capture Device, Honestech VHS to DVD 7.0 Deluxe and Roxio’s Easy VHS to DVD 3 to be the best VHS to DVD software on the market. We also have articles that focus on VHS to DVD software to help you understand some of the best ways to transfer your video to DVD.

VHS to DVD Software: What to Look For

VHS tapes had their time throughout the 80s and 90s, but those days have passed. Fewer and fewer VCRs are produced each year, and the tape inside the VHS actually deteriorates over time. Countless memories, whether they are your son’s game-winning homerun hit or your daughter’s first ballet recital, most likely sit untouched and forgotten on archaic technology destined for the junk heap.

Transferring these old videos to DVD will enable you to relive them again and again, without having to worry about the tape being chewed up by an old player. The following criteria can help you discover which VHS to DVD software best fits your needs.

When you are looking for a program to convert your video to DVD, be sure to check the system requirements of the software. The best VHS to DVD software runs great on older computers as well as on the latest models. Double check to see if your computer has enough storage space for the software and the videos you want to convert.

Most programs have a beginner mode or capture wizard to walk you through the capturing process, as well as advanced features and options you can use once you are comfortable with capturing your tapes. Furthermore, take into consideration how well the included capture device works with the software. We have measured this with the Overall Performance score.

Once you’ve capture the video files, what do you do with them? The best VHS to DVD software guides you through the video editing process, allowing you to create menus and add transitions, text and effects to your footage. One of our favorite features is the option to upload videos directly to YouTube or Facebook. With the click of a button, friends and family can easily access your videos.

You’ll also want a VHS to DVD program that includes all of the cables needed for transferring content. Some programs even come with additional applications to edit sound or capture screenshots while you convert your VHS to DVD.

Conversion Options
When looking to transfer VHS to DVD, having a large number of conversion options is important. You’ll want a variety of input and output options to ensure you can capture and view your videos on whatever media you choose. Most VHS to DVD software has the option to convert from video formats like VHS tapes, 8mm tapes and Beta as well as audio formats like cassette tapes and LP records.

For output options, consider how you want to view your videos. Will you watch them as a DVD or Blu-ray? Then look for a program that converts to MPEG1 and MPEG-2. If you want to convert your videos so you can watch them on your mobile device, then you'll want a program that can convert your videos into an MP4 or AVI file.

Help & Support
Email and phone support are available with most companies, while others go the social media route with links to blogs, Twitter and Facebook. The most helpful VHS to DVD software come with built-in wizards to guide you through each step of the conversion process. In addition, having a warranty that covers the capture device and software can be helpful, just in case you run into problems.

Stop procrastinating and convert your family home videos into a digital format. You’ll transfer long-forgotten moments and have fun doing it with easy-to-use VHS to DVD software. By using the criteria above to help you choose the best VHS to DVD software, you’ll end up with a program that allows you to save those memories and package them into an organized and professional video you can cherish for years to come.