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VHS2DVD Wizard Review

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PROS / You can cut unwanted footage from your videos with this VHS to DVD software.

CONS / The best customization features are missing.

 VERDICT / You can make decent digital copies of your tapes with VHS2DVD Wizard, but you will need another application to customize or personalize your video.

With VHS2DVD Wizard, you get the essential tools to switch your old VHS tapes to a digital format and burn them to a blank DVD disc, which is the basic purpose for VHS to DVD software. However, it is missing a significant number of the customization features that the best VHS to DVD software offers. Without them, you can do far less with your footage, which results in this software ranking close to the bottom of our side-by-side comparison chart.

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After you install the software and drivers, it is a simple task to convert your VHS tapes. As you begin, you notice you are working with a software interface that looks quite dated and clunky, although this does not prevent it from being easy to use.

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Once the conversion process is finished, you can trim away anything that you do not want from the original footage prior to burning it to a DVD disc. This is a good option to have, but it's also the only editing tool this VHS to DVD software gives you. Missing from the program are such capabilities as adding titles, transitions, audio and special effects to your video, which are functions that the best VHS to DVD software applications offer. If more editing and customization tools were available, this product would have ranked higher on our side-by-side comparison chart.

We ran VHS2DVD Wizard through the testing phase that we employed for all of the other products in our side-by-side comparison. We converted a test VHS tape and then burned the footage onto a blank disc. This VHS to DVD software offers high-quality conversion of the original VHS tape to a new DVD, according to our video experts. The resulting disc showed a few small flaws around the frame edges and a bit of shimmer in some sections, but the results were otherwise quite good.


VHS2DVD Wizard is acceptable VHS to DVD software that you can use to convert those old, fondly regarded VHS tapes into a digital format. But you should be aware that you will not have the conversion tools that the best VHS to DVD software presents and, ultimately, the resulting quality of the converted material may be disappointing.

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