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Pros / It offers a set of capture and editing tools nearly unmatched by similar applications. The end results are the best of any program in our lineup.

Cons / You can't schedule an automatic recording without digging deep into the system files.

 Verdict / Camtasia Studio has been the industry standard for nearly 11 years, and its reputation is well earned. It's hard to go wrong with this software.

TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Editor's Note: A new version of this software is now available. Clicking the Buy button will take you to this version for purchase. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version when we next update the video capture software reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review of Camtasia 8.6 below.

Camtasia Studio earns Top Ten Reviews' Silver Award for video capture software for many reasons: It's a professional-level application that stands head and shoulders above almost all the screen recorders on our product lineup. Only one other program offers as much versatility and utility as Camtasia.

Camtasia has nearly every capture tool we look for plus a comprehensive set of editing tools that give the best video-editing applications a run for their money. It also produces the highest quality videos among the programs we reviewed.

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  1. How easy each video capture program is to learn and use.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 2  Camtasia
    80.0 %
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  4. 90.0 %
  5. Category Average
    82.5 %

Capture Tools

Capturing the action on your computer's display and converting it into a video file is the chief function of Camtasia. You can choose to record your entire screen, a specific region, window or application. Additionally, Camtasia can record your face using your computer's webcam.

The program also records your computer's audio as well from a microphone. Essentially, you have the ability to capture everything that happens on your computer: from applications to video streams and even video games. You can even record video VoIP calls through programs like Skype and others.

Despite its breadth of recording tools, the software is surprisingly easy to learn and use. It may take some time to explore everything Camtasia has to offer. The interface itself is quite intuitive. Anyone with a moderate level of computer skills should be able to master Camtasia's basic functions with few to no problems.

The Welcome screen launches the recording tool interface with a single click. From there, you select the portion of the screen you want to record and click the red REC button. It also allows you to easily pick your webcam and audio options. To make it even easier, Camtasia allows you to program hotkeys, or keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly start, pause, and stop a recording. You can also lay down markers and pick regions of your screen to record.

There is no way to schedule an automatic screen recording from within Camtasia's interface, but there is a way to do it. It's really technical and requires you to follow step-by-step instructions laid out in one of TechSmith's knowledgebase articles. It's not a user-friendly option. The program that took the top spot has this function programmed natively into its interface.

Another absent tool is the ability to record the screen of mobile devices, like a smartphone or a tablet. However, TechSmith offers Fuse, a free mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows devices. Fuse captures the action on your device and syncs the footage to both Camtasia and its sister program Snagit.

Editing Tools

When it comes to editing what you've captured with this software, Camtasia blows nearly all the completion out of the water. Lesser programs only have the most basic tools, like the ability to trim unwanted footage, crop the frame and add text to the video. Camtasia offers those simple tools plus much more.

This video capture program offers a nearly compressive array of video-editing tools. Not only can you perform the most basic video-editing tasks, but you can add effects, adjust the audio, include media from your computer, plus insert titles, annotations, and captions. You also have options to add transitions, cursor effects, animations and more. Camtasia's editing tools are on a par with the best video editing software.


During testing, we created a test video using each application on our lineup. Our video experts then examined the results looking for flaws in the picture and audio.

What they found with Camtasia was a nearly perfect video. There was no pixelation, hesitation, blur or any other imperfection. When you use Camtasia, you can count on the highest-quality picture possible.

Camtasia allows you to export your video in five of the most popular formats: MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI and M4V. You can also export your project as an audio file, but you only have a single format option: MP3. These should meet the needs of most users, but the program that ranked first in our review offers more than double the number of video formats Camtasia does and six different audio formats.

This video capture software also allows you to upload your finished projects directly to video-sharing sites Vimeo, YouTube and Screencast. You also can send them to your Google Drive or My Places, TechSmith's cloud service. This may seem trivial, but it cuts out the need to upload videos manually. And if you make a lot of videos, uploading time really adds up.

Help & Support

TechSmith is the only manufacturer of video capture software to offer every customer and technical support option we look for in this category: FAQs, tutorial, phone, email and live chat.

You can learn how to use the software to its fullest potential by reading articles in their knowledgebase or watching step-by-step video tutorials. If there's feature in Camtasia, TechSmith wants you to know how to use it.

You can contact TechSmith by email or phone. Contact info is easy to find on their website. However, the fastest way to get service is to log into their live-chat service. You'll be connected with a customer service representative almost immediately.


Camtasia is the industry standard video capture software: It's used by professionals all over the world and with good reason. It offers more tools and features than nearly every other program on our lineup. It's also easy to learn and use. If you run into any difficulties, you can consult tutorials on TechSmith's website. You also get a nearly compressive array of video-editing tools that rival standalone editing apps. Perhaps most importantly, the finished videos are the highest quality of any video capture software we reviewed. It has a higher price tag than other software, but it's worth the investment if you plan to use it regularly.

Camtasia Studio 8.6 Visit Site