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WM Recorder Bundle Review

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PROS / Its interface is straightforward and easy to learn.

CONS / It records video well, but its screen capture is low quality.

 VERDICT / This is a well-designed application that has a superior lineup of recording tools. The interface can help you accomplish tasks well, but its screen capture quality is nothing special.

WM Recorder Bundle is a video capture software package that can provide you with four applications at one price. The Bundle includes a recorder for videos and your screen, a splitter and a converter. Although you download them as four separate apps, they work hand in hand to capture, edit and share your screen captures. This software is one of the easiest to set up and use. It is excellent when recording movies, but it lacks quality when capturing your screen.

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You can record videos from the internet as well as anything that appears on your screen. You can schedule recordings or record audio and video in real time, something any video capture software should do. As we tested the software, we found that the WM's video recording quality is subpar when it records your screen, but recording movies from the internet has decent quality. The software had trouble capturing the computer screen of typing in Notepad. The playback had poor quality; we couldn’t read what was being typed. We recommend downloading this software if you only plan to record videos.

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There are several editing options available through the WM Recorder Bundle. The video capture software package has the ability to cut and splice the video as well as split and join audio and video files. You can resize videos and convert them to different file types. The editing options are lacking in advanced tools such as zooming in and cleaning up audio, which brought down its score, but the application is easy to use throughout the editing process.

If you have to create tutorials or presentations, then the easy-to-use editing features on this software will give you a good base, particularly if you are not proficient in video capture or editing software. However, if your work has to have a more professional look, you should take into account what kind of editing features you need that are specific to your industry.

Without prior experience, we were able to quickly download the software and begin using the Recorder Bundle. Each feature and option is clearly labeled on the home screen. It is easy to change features and create a custom size for recording. A window remains open for the capture, edit and play of the video screen capture so you can change options as you record. With this window, you can control the start and stop of each recording, play a video and open a captured file from the past. On the home screen, you can change settings with one simple click to turn options on and off. This software is one of the easiest we used compared to other video capture programs we reviewed.

Customer support representatives are knowledgeable and can help you learn how to capture streaming video. We sent an email to customer support regarding the product and received a response within 24 hours. They answered our questions precisely and were thorough.

The company's support page provides information on each product, offers a user's guide, tutorial videos, troubleshooting and product updates. It has frequently asked questions (FAQs) and contact information for customer service, sales and product-specific customer support teams. Although we found the product user friendly, the help and support information provided on the website is there if you have more questions. There is also a help link within the software that can direct you to the user guide on the company's website.


Overall, the WM Recorder Bundle is easy to use. Although the screen capture quality is slightly lower than its competitors offer, the straightforward interface overrules the drawbacks and makes this one of our top choices for video screen capture software. The video streaming software bundle offers each of the basic recording and editing tools for one price, making this package an excellent choice.

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