Pros / You can begin downloading online videos in as little as a single click.

Cons / It doesn't have the ability to automatically download all the videos you watch as you surf the internet.

 Verdict / With its vast range of website and device options, AllMyTube is the best video downloader software you can buy.

AllMyTube from Wondershare is a video downloader that has nearly every feature we look for in this category. It allows you to download online videos from over 1,000 websites; you simply plug in the URL of the video you want and it starts downloading immediately. It also converts your download into 16 different formats and optimizes it for playback on over 100 devices. It earned the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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Download & Convert

AllMyTube has two ways to download online videos. The first is to acquire the URL of the video that you want to download, and the program will transfer it onto your computer. The second is a browser plugin that allows you to start a download with a single click. They're both intuitive to use and can begin a download in as little as a single click.

AllMyTube allows you to select which resolution of a video you wish to download. This means you can choose a video in high or standard definition depending on what you plan to do with the video after it's on your computer.

This program also enables you to download only the audio of an online video. This is useful if you're downloading content such as music videos. Once you have the sound file on your computer, you can listen to it at your convenience.

This program also contains a video format converter that allows you to switch the file format of the videos you download. The video converter enables you to make 16 popular video formats from your downloads. This allows you to watch your videos in any media player you happen to have installed.

The program allows you to tailor your videos for more than 100 different devices. Most of the optimization choices revolve around smartphones and tablets. You can also optimize your videos for gaming systems.

Of all the programs in our review of the best video downloader software, only AllMyTube offers a companion mobile app, the Wondershare Player app, which allows you to store, manage and watch the videos you've downloaded. The program allows you to transfer them from your computer to your device via a Wi-Fi connection.

Ease of Use

AllMyTube allows you to automatically convert a video immediately after it's been downloaded. You simply select the format or device you want and then toggle the Download Then Convert button at the top of the interface.

This video downloader has an integrated internet browser that allows you to find videos without leaving the program. It offers instant access to popular video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. You can then search and navigate to the videos you want to download.

AllMyTube also offers a plugin for your regular internet browser. A download button appears in the top right corner of downloadable videos on a webpage. Clicking this button launches AllMyTube and begins the download.

One of the features we look for in the best video downloader software is absent from AllMyTube. Some of the programs we reviewed have the ability to automatically download any video that plays as you surf the web, but this software requires you to begin all your downloads manually.

Compatible Services

You can use this application to download online videos from virtually any hosting site. Popular sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo are just the beginning. You can download videos from major content creators like CBS, MTV, Vevo and many others. Suffice it to say that if there's a video online that you want on your computer, AllMyTube can capture it for you.

This program has a screen recorder that lets you capture shows that you watch on streaming services. But you should be careful when you use this tool so you don’t run afoul of copyright laws – especially when recording from sites like Netflix and Hulu.

Help & Support

AllMyTube is the only product in our review of the best video downloaders that has all the customer and technical support we look for in this category. You can email the company with any question you have and a representative generally gets back to you within a day or less.

You can consult the FAQs section on the Wondershare website. This section can answer most questions you're likely to have.

Wondershare offers a live chat service that you can access from any page on its website. This connects you to a customer service representative who should be able to answer your question.

You can also contact Wondershare through Twitter. If you tweet @Wondershare and describe your problem or question, the company will tweet back at you with an answer.


AllMyTube claims the top spot in our side-by-side comparison because it offers nearly every feature we look for in video downloader software. It allows you to simply download any video from virtually any source. It also enables you to convert downloaded videos into 16 popular file formats. You can also optimize your videos for playback on more than 1,000 devices.

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