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Corel VideoStudio Pro X9 Review

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PROS / This program is easy to use for beginners but has all the tools experienced users want.

CONS / Although you get 32 editing tracks, you only have one line for your main video.

 VERDICT / This is an excellent video editing program that should satisfy the needs of most consumer-level video editors.

Corel VideoStudio X9 earned the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for video editing software because it allows those who aren’t skilled editors create high-quality videos from their raw footage. It includes FastFlick, which allows you to make finished videos in just a few minutes. It’s relatively easy to learn and use, even for beginners, but doesn’t skimp on the tools veterans love to help them make the exact video they want.

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  1. An editing track is where you arrange the media in your video project.
    More is Better.
  2. 2 Corel VideoStudio
    32 Editing Tracks
  3. 203 Editing Tracks
  4. 32 Editing Tracks
  5. Category Average
    88.90 Editing Tracks

Editing Tools

The first thing to note about this software is that it gives you the flexibility you need to create complex videos. You have the use of up to 32 editing tracks: one for your main video, 20 for video overlays, two title tracks, one voice track, and up to eight for music and other audio. This is great, but the fact that you only get a single video editing track may be frustrating for some users. We would like to see more video tracks added in future versions of the software.

This video editing software offers a healthy library of video and audio effects, transitions, titles, and templates. Just the effects and transitions have more than 200 options. Add everything else in and that number jumps to more than 1,500 preprogrammed elements to choose from. This is great for beginners and veterans alike because it saves you the time it would take to create these effects manually.

One of the most useful tools in Corel VideoStudio is the Instant Project tab, which provides you with dozens of templates for the beginning, middle and end of many different kinds of video projects. You simply pick the template you want, drag it onto the timeline, and fill in the blanks with your footage and other elements. This not only allows you to create great-looking videos in short order, but it also teaches you some good video editing practices.

In case you want to get into more advanced video editing, VideoStudio offers a wealth of tools that give you complete control of your project. Simply double-click on an element and you’re presented with tools like color correction, playback speed options and multi-trim. If you dig down deeper into the program, you’ll also find motion-tracking tools, chroma key (green screen), multi-cam options and more. These advanced options may require you to watch a tutorial or two, but once you get the hang of them, it’ll be well worth the time.

Ease of Use

This video editor is relatively easy to use, even if you’ve never edited a video before. Its dual timeline/storyboard workflow is a great learning tool. It allows beginners to make broad strokes of their projects in a storyboard, then switch to the timeline for more detailed edits. All the video editing software we reviewed takes a few hours to get the hang of, but the layout and workflow of VideoStudio make the learning curve as shallow as possible.

VideoStudio comes with Corel FastFlick, a template-based video creator that allows you to finish a project in just a few minutes. All you have to do is launch FastFlick, pick the theme and add your media, and the software will analyze and optimize your footage and create a finished video for you to share with your family and friends. If you want to do some fine-tuning to these videos, you can import them into the full-feature editor.

Sharing Options

A finished video can be its own reward, but the real point of editing video is to get it seen by an audience. Corel VideoStudio allows you to export your video in 11 of the most popular video file formats, like MP4, MOV and AVI. You probably won’t use all these options, but it’s good to know that they’re there in case you ever need a specific format.

It also allows you to optimize your videos for specific audiences. For example, to share your video online, you can upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Flickr or Vimeo without having to exit the program. This not only saves you time over uploading the videos manually, but also tailors the video for whatever platform you’re uploading to, so it looks its best no matter where people watch it.

Help & Support

Part of what makes Corel VideoStudio a good choice for users of varying skill levels is that Corel offers a plethora of training and learning options. For example, the company provides 45-day access to StudioBacklot.tv, a resource with training materials, tutorials and stock media. Corel also has at least two YouTube channels dedicated to training on all Corel products in general and VideoStudio in particular.


There isn't much to dislike about Corel VideoStudio Pro X9. It's one of the best consumer-level video editing applications. It takes many of the tools professional video editors use and makes them user-friendly and easy to learn.

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