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Fraps 3.5.99 Review

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PROS / Fraps captures high-quality game footage.

CONS / This software affects in-game performance more than most other applications.

 VERDICT / Fraps set the original standard for game capture software and continues to offer decent options, though it has fallen behind some of its competition.

Fraps is perhaps the best-known game recording software, and for good reason. This software is very easy to use and produces high-quality videos. Our main problem with Fraps is its age. There have been relatively few updates for it in the last few years, and it's starting to show. There simply aren't many options when setting up your recording preferences. Fraps is still worth looking into, but its lack of options makes it less flexible than other game capture software.

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With Fraps, you have a few tools to use as you capture your game footage. You can manage screenshots, benchmarks, and audio and video recording through the user interface. The software also includes a frames per second (fps) counter that displays in the corner of your screen.

  1. This represents system performance while gaming and recording at 1080p.
    Higher is better.
  2. 9 Fraps
  3. 91%
  4. 96%
  5. 91%
  6. Category Average

One major problem with Fraps is how heavily it affects in-game performance. We noted a decrease of 13 percent in performance while recording with Fraps. While that may not sound like a large hit, it's enough that you may want to drop the game setting from high to medium, or run the game at lower resolutions. We were happy with Fraps' consistency, however. During our testing, Fraps only increased the fps range by 9 percent while we were playing. This means that there were no large jumps between minimum and maximum frame rates.

The video capture tool records your gameplay in real time, and you can set the video recording hotkey to any key you wish. If you have multiple audio sources, Fraps allows you to select which one you want to use on the video recording tab. There are several options regarding the quality of the recording. The fps tool allows you to set a maximum cap on the number of frames per second in the recording. Your options for fps are 25, 30, 50, 60 or a custom number up to 120. Higher fps translates into smoother video, but it also creates a larger file with a higher bitrate and requires more bandwidth if you post your video online. This software automatically captures video at the same resolution as your monitor's image.

The support documentation for Fraps is not extensive. This doesn't pose much of a problem, since this game capture software is rather simple to use, and the information that's readily available will answer most users' questions. Unfortunately, there isn't any built-in help in the application. The help button takes you to the Fraps website, where you will find a FAQs section regarding the application's various functions.

There is no official user forum. Fortunately, there are fan-made forums that can help you learn more about Fraps' advanced abilities and its limitations. An official forum would greatly bolster the community and help users better understand the application, though.


Fraps may look like bare-bones video game capture software, but the tools it gives you are powerful This game recording software has a simple user interface and most of the functionality we look for in the best game recording software. Fraps was designed to run concurrently with games and record gameplay footage at the highest possible quality. However, it is starting to show its age, meaning other programs have outstripped it.

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