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LiteCam Game Review

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PROS / This game capture software can record your game footage at 100 fps.

CONS / You can't set custom frame rates with this software.

 VERDICT / While LiteCam Game doesn't have as many tools and settings as other game recording software, it still produces high-quality gameplay recordings.

Because LiteCam Game focuses on recording video games, this game recording software provides you with everything you need to create high-quality videos of your gameplay. While the recording tools are mediocre, LiteCam Game has enough settings to give you control over your videos. While it isn't the very best game recording software, it's still worth considering.

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The user interface is pretty, but navigating it feels a bit awkward at times. The settings page gives you access to plenty of options for the various recording tools. When you click on a recording tool's options, you are taken to another page where you can make changes. In the upper left of the page is a big X, and in the upper right is a curved arrow. The curved arrow takes you back to the settings page, but it's not as noticeable as the X. Clicking the X takes you all the way back to the main page, instead of back to the settings page. This can be frustrating if you're not done changing your settings.

  1. This represents system performance while gaming and recording at 1080p.
    Higher is better.
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One of the things we look for in game recording software is the ability to customize the hotkeys. LiteCam Game allows you to set a specific option to predetermined keys. It is unfortunate that you can't remap the hotkeys to any key on your keyboard; however, there are enough options that you should find a suitable key.

You can record your videos at up to 100 frames per second (fps). For most people, 60 fps is sufficient, but in some circumstances, you may want more. If you plan to heavily edit your recordings, then higher frame rates are better. LiteCam's 100 fps is excellent if you want to have quality slow-motion effects in your video.

LiteCam Game has all of the support options we look for in the best game recording software. Having access to a user forum means that you get direct involvement with the software's community. If you have questions, you can look at the software's manual, check the FAQs or view the tutorials. When these aren't enough, you can contact the support team via email.


LiteCam Game gives you everything you need to record in-game footage. However, the user interface is a bit clunky, and it doesn't have all of the recording tools we like to see in game capture software. Despite its flaws, LiteCam Game has good features, such as recording at custom resolutions and user control of the video bitrate, and can help you capture high-quality footage.

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