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ZD Soft Screen Recorder 8.0.1 Review

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PROS / This software can record online sources.

CONS / You will notice a significant drop in game performance while recording with this software.

 VERDICT / The ZD Soft Screen Recorder is decent video game capture software, but it isn't very flexible.

The ZD Soft Screen Recorder has gone through several revisions in the last couple of years. The latest version isn't as capable as its predecessor. This video game recording software gives you what you need to create videos of your gameplay, but it skimps on the customizability. This means fewer options for you when setting up your recordings. Screen Recorder can certainly record your games and do it well, but you may feel limited by the software's scope.

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During our testing, we found that Screen Recorder has the greatest negative impact on in-game performance out of all of the products in our top 10. While recording 1080p video, we noted 14 percent decreased performance and an 11 percent decrease for 720p. We also noticed lag while starting and stopping recording during gameplay. Overall for performance, Screen Recorder does not fare well compared to the other products in our lineup.

  1. This represents system performance while gaming and recording at 1080p.
    Higher is better.
  2. 10 ZD Soft Screen Recorder
  3. 91%
  4. 96%
  5. 91%
  6. Category Average

Screen Recorder has a limit of 60 frames per second (fps) when recording videos. Some people may want more than 60 fps for editing purposes and higher-quality videos. It's important to consider that the higher your video's frame rate, the larger its file size will be. Generally, high-quality videos have a larger file size associated with them. This can be both good and bad. A higher-quality video gives you more to work with when editing, but overly large files are detrimental to sharing and uploading. You can also record online sources, like web browser elements, which can be useful if you plan on incorporating more than just video game content into your videos.

ZD Soft offers weak help and support options. You won't find any user forums or tutorials on its website. We tried to find a user manual, but we couldn't get that either. If you're in need of support, you can look at the FAQs on ZD Soft's website, or you can email the support team. We were largely disappointed with Screen Recorder's support resources.


The ZD Soft Screen Recorder's previous version was a much more capable product that had more to offer. As it is, Screen Recorder is decent game capture software at best. It performs worse than most of its competitors. This game recorder isn't a bad option, but there is better video game capture software on the market.

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