Pros / It has the largest assortment of audio effects and filters of any product we reviewed.

Cons / Its direct customer support options favor limited, paid contracts or unlimited free assistance.

 Verdict / WavePad has impressively strong editing capabilities and file format compatibility, making it the obvious choice for the best voice recording software.

WavePad continues the NCH Software legacy for making superb multimedia applications. It is outstanding, intuitive voice recording software. WavePad has an unparalleled selection of filters and special effects, as offers broad file format compatibility. Its easy-to-use interface is approachable to users of all experience levels. WavePad is perfect for performing a variety of tasks involved with voice recording, which is why we made it our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner.


As is the case for any program developed by NCH Software, WavePad is easy to use. The feature set within the application is stripped down and the interface is made to encourage, rather than inhibit, a smooth workflow. We were pleased with the program, as it strikes a balance between having a good number of features, which are each powerful in their own right, and seamlessly incorporating these features into the application’s interface without affecting usability.

Using this software, you can upload tracks from audio CDs then burn them onto another once the editing process is completed. You can also record a file then export it in one of many file formats. It’s compatible with multiple audio feeds and input sources, like microphones, line-in devices, internet streaming and audio, video and PC playback.

It also allows you to search, scrub or bookmark audio for improved editing. The program supports sample rates from 6 up to 192kHz. Its batch processing functionality lets you convert multiple files in a single action, as well as add special effects.


The WavePad application gives you over 20 filters and effects to use while recording your voice. When it comes to editing audio files, the more options you have, the better the file is going to turn out. With this range of filters, you’re going to be able to do nearly anything you could want to do to an audio file.

You can also mix and split audio files. WavePad has several other tools as well, including Frequency and Temporal Frequency Analysis, Auto Click/Pop Restoration, Manual Click/Pop Repair, Tone Generator, Text to Speech, Batch Converter and the ability to download several helpful sample audio files from the NCH Sound Library.


The audio recording software supports several different file formats, including: WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, AIF, FLAC, AAC, M4A, GSM, VOX, RAW, RSS, AMR, MPC, APE and SPX. In fact, it offers the widest file format compatibility of all the products we tested. The broad range of file formats present in that list eliminates any possibility of users not being able to find the file format that’s compatible with the file they want to use. This is a common problem experienced by many people who edit or listen to audio files. Being able to convert files into any one of these formats is a definite plus as well. You won’t have to worry about the conflicts that arise with file format compatibility anymore.

Additionally, WavePad is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10, as well as all recent versions of Mac OS X, from 10.5 forward.

Help & Support

NCH Software offers WavePad users a decent amount of help and support. There are product manuals, user forums, tutorials and a FAQs section on its website. Should you want to speak directly with one of the company’s customer support reps, you can send an email for free with your inquiries. However, be aware that free support can take a while since those who pay extra for a support contract will receive help first. Additionally, no free telephone or live chat options are available.

If you do opt for a paid support contract, your email ticket will still be placed to a queue with other paid tickets. There are three different paid technical support plans – Silver, Gold and Platinum – with plan prices ranging anywhere from about $30-$65. These contracts are regulated by a series of ten convoluted rules. Silver and Gold plans are only for three and six email consultations, respectively. The company claims that what you’re paying for is the time of their technicians, so each “consultation” won’t exceed 10 minutes’ worth of the technician’s time. Additionally, while they guarantee service, and claim to put forth their best effort to answer your inquiry, no solution is guaranteed. The only plan with telephone or live chat options is the Platinum option. All plans must be used within a predetermined timeframe of 1-12 months, depending on the contract. Considering that technical service for most other products is generally free and limitless, we consider this to be a huge hassle.


WavePad is voice recording software that gives you what you would expect from NCH Software: an easy-to-use application that’s feature-rich and powerful. We liked all of the features this software had to offer. We are disappointed in the lack of unlimited free support, as it makes it seem like the company prioritizes income over the customers. Otherwise, the product is powerful, impressive able to create professional-quality audio recordings.

Specifications and Benchmarks


Ease of Use Score
Recording Timer
Voice-Activated Recording
Digital & Analog Rip
Burn Option
Configurable Interface
File Compression
Change File Format


Fade In/Out
Pop and Click Removal
Noise Reduction
Edit Silence
Mono to Stereo


10, 8, 7, XP
Mac OS X

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