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WavePad 4.52 Review

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PROS / WavePad has a good assortment of audio effects.

CONS / It needs more accessible help and support options.

 VERDICT / This application is one of the best in this category.

WavePad continues the NCH Software legacy for making superb multimedia applications. Is it, indeed, superb voice recording software. We are pleased with how flexible WavePad is and how the features and interface make working easier rather than more confusing. While we would like to see the manufacturer add more features, we realize the impact it could have on its current capabilities. As it is, the WavePad voice recording software is perfect for a number of tasks involved with voice recording, which is why we decided to make it our Top Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner.

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Audio Feed/Input Source

With WavePad, you can get audio into the application using one of several options: microphone, line in, internet streaming and audio, video and PC playback. This means you can pretty much import audio into the application using any current, conventional method.


WavePad users can load tracks from audio CDs and then burn them back on those same CDs once the editing process is completed. As with any voice recording software, users have the ability to record whatever they want and then export it in one of the many audio file formats that WavePad supports. With the amount of file formats this application supports, the potential for what someone can do with their voice recordings is endless. A lot of pieces of voice recording software can only record your voice, but if you use WavePad, you can also perfect other kinds of audio files once they’re recorded. No longer do you have to settle for haphazard audio files you can barely hear.

Filter/Effect/Edit Options

WavePad voice recording software gives its users over 20 filters and effects to play with. Users might not find a use for all of these features, but all that matters is that they have them at their disposal. When it comes to editing audio files, the more options you have, the better the file is going to turn out. With this range of filters, you’re going to be able to do pretty much anything you could want to do to an audio file using this application.

Users can also mix audio files into other audio files and split one audio file into multiple audio files. WavePad has several tools as well, including Frequency and Temporal Frequency Analysis, Auto Click/Pop Restoration, Manual Click/Pop Repair, Tone Generator, Text To Speech, Batch Converter and the ability to download several helpful sample audio files from the NCH Sound Library.

Supported Formats

WavePad voice recording software supports a number of different file formats, including some that you might not have heard of before. These file formats include WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, AIF, AU, FLAC, AAC, M4A, GSM, VOX, RAW, RSS, AMR, MPC, APE and SPX. The broad range of file formats present in that list eliminates any possibility of users not being able to find the file format that’s compatible with the file they want to use. This is a common problem experienced by a lot of people who edit or listen to audio files. Being able to convert files into any one of these formats is a definite plus as well. You won’t have to worry about the conflicts that arise with file-format compatibility anymore.

Ease of Use

As with any program from NCH Software, WavePad is very easy to use. The feature set in this application is stripped down and the interface is made to encourage rather than inhibit the amount of work that can be done. We were pleased with WavePad because it strikes a balance between having a good amount of features that are each powerful in their own right and seamlessly incorporating these features into the application's interface without effecting usability. We hope that the manufacturer doesn’t decide to add anymore features to the software because that might affect how easy it is to use this voice recording software.

Help and Support

NCH Software offers its WavePad users a decent amount of help and support options. Users can look at product manuals, user forums and frequently asked questions and tutorials sections. If they need some additional help, they can email the manufacturer with their inquiries. The only disadvantage to what NCH Software has to offer in this area is that they countered the usability of their help and support by instituting paid technical support plans.

There are three different paid technical support plans (Silver, Gold and Platinum) with prices ranging anywhere from about $30 to over $60. These plans are regulated by a series of eight convoluted rules that aren’t written in a language that would be understandable to the average user. When you look at the prices charged for these plans, you might think that it’s a monthly fee, but the plans last 1-3 months from the date that you purchased the product. This doesn’t take into account the time it takes for the product to ship to your house. We would like to see them do away with these plans and make their customer service available to everyone who buys the voice recording software.


WavePad is voice recording software that gives you what you would expect from NCH Software: an easy-to-use application that’s also powerful. We liked all of the features this software had to offer. The only thing that turned us off a little bit in regards to the software was their paid technical support plans. We would like to see them make their help and support options more universally accessible.

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