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CyberLink PowerDirector

PowerDirector by CyberLink has topped our rankings of the best video editing software since we started reviewing the category. It does so because it strikes the delicate balance of making the program

Writer's Workbench

Of all the writing enhancement software products we reviewed, Writer's Workbench has one of the most comprehensive features for analyzing and improving your work. It contains all the grammar, spelling


The best writing enhancement software should check your grammar, spelling and syntax and make helpful suggestions to make your writing better. Moreover, the best application should make these suggesti


The most basic function of writing enhancement software is its ability to correct grammar mistakes. In our review of the best grammar checkers, ClearEdits by ClearWriter missed some of the most basic


Editor is writing enhancement software by Serenity Software that bills itself as a tool for teachers and students. Within that context, it's quite useful, once you master how to navigate its interface

System Mechanic

Developed by iolo technologies, System Mechanic is a full suite of PC system utility tools. Each tool is designed to optimize and maintain your computer's performance, and the interface facilitates th

Typing Instructor for Kids

Individual Software Inc. has created an exciting adventure through the five lands of Typer Island on a quest to capture a castle. Along the way, kids complete lessons, tests and game challenges to lea

All the Right Type

All the Right Type is kids typing software specifically designed for use in schools. While it is not the most modern or feature-rich application on the market, it delivers an array of typing games and

Typing Quick & Easy

Typing Quick & Easy is suitable for all ages and combines two essentials of typing software for kids: entertainment and education. The application helps youngsters develop strong touch-typing skil


UltraKey 6 is unique, success-based kids typing software that helps children develop touch-typing fluency through proper ergonomics instruction, accuracy building and speed training. UltraKey is

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is the most recognizable name when it comes to learning Spanish. It has a well-earned reputation as the most effective and immersive language learning experience. It takes a different ap


There's a lot to look forward to when traveling internationally. Whether you’re heading to a Spanish-speaking country for business or pleasure, when you have to learn Spanish fast, it's best to

Instant Immersion

The learn Spanish software Instant Immersion TalkNow focuses on the fundamentals of Spanish vocabulary. The lessons cover topics like food, colors, phrases, the body, numbers, time and shopping. Each

Instant Immersion

Vocabulary words are the building blocks of any language. When you learned your native language, your first few words simply identified what was around you. In the same way, building your French vocab

Rosetta Stone French

Rosetta Stone is arguably the best-known name in the world for learning French, and with good reason. It’s the most effective and immersive experience in our review of the best French learning p

Fluenz French

As an English speaker, learning French comes with its own set of challenges. French uses the same alphabet with different phonetics, accent marks and gendered articles that confuse newcomers. Fluenz a

Talk Now! French

Eurotalk’s Talk Now French is simple learn French software based around matching and memory games, audio lessons, and a printable picture dictionary. While this program does build your French vo

TeachMe! French

If you’ve had French lessons previously and want to brush up on your skills, vocabulary is a good place to start. While TeachMe covers some of the learning content we looked for, other factors m


WordSmart's focus is to improve your vocabulary. Unlike typical ESL software, it is not structured so that you can learn English or English grammar with it. However, it can help you improve your Engli

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone English helps its students learn English through an interactive system of incremental advancement in the language. Learning English in Rosetta Stone occurs through three core components:

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