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Anti-Keylogger Software Reviews

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Anti-Keylogger Software Review

Why Use Anti-Keylogger Software?

The first question most people ask is why they need anti-keylogger software when they already use an internet security suite. Keyloggers can be especially wily, often bypassing antivirus software while hidden alongside downloads that appear to be safe and consensual. Anti-keylogging software detects keyloggers that often make it past standard security software, including those that steal data from your clipboard or keystrokes on a virtual keyboard. The famous keylogger Zeus was even able to capture confidential information on secure bank sites regardless of the user's security software.

Keyloggers are one of the most dangerous forms of malware. Keyloggers, through various methods, attempt to access your private information such as passwords, account numbers, addresses, private photos and personal files. Often, when logins and passwords are obtained, they are sold to the highest bidder, and the victims are often left with little recourse. Some seedy types even use keylogger technology to turn on webcams to secretly view you.

In another scenario, a concerned loved one or suspicious partner may install keylogging software to track your activities stealthily. The best keylogger detector software can find keyloggers and block all types, including those that have been purposely installed.

In this review, we compare anti-keylogger software and the types of protection these applications can provide. To learn more about keyloggers and privacy issues, see our articles about anti-keylogger software. For protection from all keyloggers, including sound and screen capturers, try SpyShelter Stop-Logger Premium. For the most compatible solution, read our review of Zemana AntiLogger. If you are looking for a powerful keystroke encryptor, see KeyScrambler.

Anti-Keylogger Software: What to Look For

The most adept anti-keylogger software has the ability to detect and block all types of keyloggers, including those that capture screenshots, record sound and copy files. The software should also be able to identify and block commercial keyloggers. It should be configurable and provide complete protection by being compatible with other technologies.

When comparing anti-keylogger software, Top Ten Reviews considered the following:

Keylogger Protection
There are numerous types of malicious keyloggers to block. Keyloggers can enter your system in a variety of ways. Basic keyloggers capture keystrokes entered with your keyboard. Sophisticated screen-capture keyloggers capture monitor displays to access your passwords and internet interactions. The most nefarious keylogging malware captures your banking information before your bank has the opportunity to secure the transmissions. Some are even sneaky enough to gain remote access to your computer to access files and images, and can even turn on your webcam to spy on you remotely.

In addition, the best anti-keylogger software can detect keyloggers installed by suspicious partners or cautious employers.* This software blocks all keyloggers, including those that have been intentionally installed by someone you know.

Security Features
Security features include tools provided to manage the software as well as additional security options. Management tools include things such as the ability to manage rules and permissions, logs and reports, and secure password access. Additional security features include virus scanners, virtual keyboards and keystroke encryption. The best anti-keylogger software includes basic and advanced configuration options.

While most newer operating systems can run older software, this is not necessarily true for security and utility software. If you have a newer 64-bit Windows OS, you will want to select anti-keylogger software that has been proven to be compatible with your computer's operating system.

Because anti-keyloggers are not intended to replace antivirus software, you will also want to ensure that the keylogger protection you choose is compatible with your current internet security solution. In most cases, the software is compatible, but it is prudent to verify that. In addition, keystroke encryption tools are often specifically compatible with certain browsers or online services.

While many of us take comfort in the fact that our personal lives are not interesting enough for professional hackers to target, keyloggers let loose across the internet are not discriminatory and install themselves on any computer systems in which they can gain a foothold. Powerful keylogger protection, proven internet security software, keystroke encryptors and cautious internet behaviors are necessary to protect your computer and private information.

*It is legal for employers to install keyloggers on devices the company owns. We do not recommend that employees attempt to bypass security products installed on company-owned computers.