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GuardedID Premium Review

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PROS / This program encrypts your keystrokes so hackers can't obtain your passwords, credit card numbers and other personally identifying information.

CONS / It has no ability to scan for or remove keyloggers from your computer.

 VERDICT / This program carries out its single function very well, but it's not a comprehensive anti-keylogging solution.

GuardedID is a program that encrypts your keystrokes as you type so hackers can't use them against you by obtaining your login credentials, passwords, banking information and more. However, it does not scan your computer for keyloggers or have tools to remove them from your system. Nevertheless, it makes a well-deserved appearance in our review of the best anti-keylogging programs.

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GuardedID is a set-and-forget program, which means it runs in the background and you don't have to interact with it very often. But you know that the program is running and doing its job, because a green dot appears in your web browser toolbar. This means that the program is enabled and your keystrokes are being encrypted. You may not see this if you use Google Chrome, but you can access the program from the taskbar to make sure it's enabled and functioning.

This program does more than simply scramble your keystrokes; it also provides protection against hackers spying on the activity on your computer screen, which can be almost as bad as them acquiring your keystrokes. The trade-off is that you can't take screenshots when this feature is enabled. If you want to take screenshots for yourself, you have to disable the screen capture protection option in the preferences menu.

Encrypting keystrokes is an excellent way to circumvent keyloggers that may already be on your computer. However, GuardedID has no capability to detect or remove this type of malware. The top performers in this category can find and delete keyloggers or at least quarantine them. If you want to know for certain that your computer is clean from keyloggers, you'll need to invest in antivirus software that can scan for and delete these programs.


GuardedID is good as far as it goes, but it doesn't go that far. It's an excellent keystroke encryption program that can protect you from the worst damage keyloggers can cause. It renders your passwords and other sensitive information useless to hackers. However, it doesn't provide a way to clean keyloggers from your machine. You generally have to install an antivirus program to do that, but the best anti-keyloggers can still delete or quarantine them.

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