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Pros / The product scrambles and encrypts keystrokes.

Cons / Other more advanced software packages are available for much less cost.

 Verdict / The product doesn't live up to the lofty claims by the manufacturer.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Anti-Keylogger Software here. 

Cleary, internet-based identity theft is on the rise. Each time an individual connects to the World Wide Web, they place user accounts, passwords, financial and other sensitive information at risk. Despite this stark jump in frequency, more consumers are turning to the convenience of online bill-pay and banking. For both business and home users, the costs associated with identity theft and recovering from the loss of sensitive data is a pricey proposition.

RazazWork Xtreme Development, a company based in Pakistan, attempts to answer the need for greater online security with its product KeyGuard! Hack Proof Security (KeyGuard). Their product is an anti-keylogger software that encrypts and scrambles a user's keystrokes. It foils keylogging utilities from capturing and transmitting recorded data to the peering eyes of criminals located somewhere on the internet.

KeyGuard installs with ease. The self-configured software requires no user input during the set-up process. While running, the program uses minimal system memory and resources.

Patrons are able to customize the user interface by using one of many graphical themes. The manufacturer portrays the ability to tailor the user interface as a customer usability benefit.

The program has support for programmable hot-keys as well as dual mode startup. The manufacturer touts this as another benefit of the software. However, after a review of KeyGuard's sparse documentation, the functionality and purpose of these features remains unclear.

The software prevents the recording of keystrokes by connected hardware such as USB attached devices. In addition, KeyGuard is equipped with security that provides protection for low-level device drivers.


KeyGuard! Hack Proof Security is an app that encrypts and scrambles the user's keystrokes. The company makes some dubious claims regarding their products capabilities. For the cost, other products with more enhanced security and protection are available.

KeyGuard! Hack Proof Security 2.0.22 Visit Site