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Pros / This software allows you to scan your computer for keyloggers and remove them if your computer is infected.

Cons / It's missing keystroke encryption to hide what you type from potential undiscovered keyloggers on your computer.

 Verdict / Keylogger Detector has strong scan options, but its feature set leaves a lot to be desired.

TopTenREVIEWS - Bronze Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Keylogger Detector earned the Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award in our review of the best anti-keylogging software because it provides real-time protection against keyloggers and other forms of spyware. It also allows you to scan specific files and applications or even your entire hard drive for these kinds of threats. But it's missing some of the more advanced features we look for in this category, such as protection for your webcam and clipboard.


The primary function of Keylogger Detector, like any anti-keylogger program, is to keep your personal information safe from hackers if your computer is infected with a keylogger. When a keylogger is on your computer, it can transmit everything you type to hackers, which allows them to access your passwords, bank account, Social Security, tax information and more. Keylogger Detector shields your computer from this type of spying by identifying and removing keylogging software.

Your clipboard is where your computer stores the text and other information that you cut, copy and paste. Hackers don't need to record your keystrokes to get this information, since it's available in a simple text format. Unfortunately, Keylogger Detector doesn't provide any tools to combat this threat. Furthermore, it has no ability to stop hackers from hijacking your webcam and spying on your most personal moments. We would like to see these security holes filled in future versions of the software.


If the program detects keylogging software on your computer, it gives you the option to quarantine or remove it from your machine. This is extremely important, as keylogging software not only steals your personal information, but also can cause serious damage to your computer – possibly rendering it unusable. The ability to remove these programs is paramount, and the anti-keylogging programs that ranked lower on our side-by-side comparison chart do not have this ability.

One thing that those other programs do have that Keylogger Detector does not is keystroke encryption. This feature scrambles your keystrokes as you type. This is important because when a keylogger is on your computer, it can send all your keystrokes to hackers in real time, allowing them to steal sensitive information. If a keylogger is on your computer and hasn't been detected or removed, keystroke encryption masks what you type so the hackers can't use it. This added protection is something we'd like to see added to Keylogger Detector.


Keylogger Detector scans your computer activity in real time for potential threats. You can also use it to scan specific files or even your entire computer for keyloggers that might already be on your computer. It would be advisable to perform an initial scan of your computer after you install Keylogger Detector to make sure there are no pre-existing threats. However, you must perform these scans manually, since the program doesn't provide a way to schedule regular scans.

Help & Support

If you have any problems with this anti-keylogger software, you can contact the company through its email support system. But before you do that, you should consult the FAQs section on the program's official website. Most of your common questions and problems can be answered or resolved there.


Keylogger Detector allows you to scan for and remove keyloggers on your computer. It also provides real-time protection against new threats from infecting your computer. However, it's missing some of the key features we look for in this category, like keystroke encryption and the ability to schedule regular scans of your machine. It's a good anti-keylogger, just not the best.

Keylogger Detector Visit Site