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Pros / This program shows your keystrokes being encrypted in real time so you know that you're protected.

Cons / It lacks the ability to detect, remove or scan for keyloggers that you may already have on your machine.

 Verdict / As far as keystroke software goes, KeyScrambler is a good choice, but it's not the best anti-keylogger software.

KeyScrambler Premium ranks at the bottom of our side-by-side comparison chart of the best anti-keylogger software. This isn't because it's not good at what it does – it just doesn't do very much. It's simple keystroke encryption software that protects what you type from being intercepted by keylogger software. However, it leaves out most of the protection, security and scanning options found in the best anti-keylogging software.

This program is simple to use and install. It attaches itself to more than 29 internet browsers and 170 applications. This means that if there is already keylogging software on your computer, all your keystrokes are encrypted as you type them. And you can see, in real time, the encryption process, so you know for certain that your keystrokes, passwords and other personally identifying information won't be transmitted to hackers.

What keeps this program at the bottom of our side-by-side comparison chart is that it's missing almost all of the security features we look for in this category. While it encrypts your keystrokes, it lacks the ability to remove or quarantine malicious keyloggers from your computer. The best anti-keyloggers have the ability to wipe your computer free of keylogging software.

Another issue with this software is its complete lack of tools to scan your computer for keyloggers. It doesn't provide real-time scanning of your computer activity for potentially dangerous downloads, websites, programs and more. It also omits the ability to scan specific files and folders for keylogging software that may have already infected your computer.

This keystroke encryption software supports most browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. It is even compatible with less common browsers such as Opera, Rockmelt, CometBird and Pale Moon. It can also encrypt most types of emails, including Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, The Bat and Windows Mail.


KeyScrambler Premium is not a bad program. It's an excellent keystroke encryption application. But it brings up the rear of our review of the best anti-keyloggers because it lacks almost all the security and scanning tools we look for.

KeyScrambler Premium Visit Site