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Dexrex Mobile Review

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PROS / This cell phone monitoring application logs all texts, media messages, phone calls and BlackBerry Messenger conversations.

CONS / Dexrex Mobile is very basic monitoring software and is only compatible with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry platforms. This application lacks parental controls, and its security options are a large disappointment.

 VERDICT / Dexrex Mobile is one of the cheapest and most basic applications in our lineup. It features a few logging features, but if you are looking for parental controls, security or tracking capabilities, this application will not meet your full expectations.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Dexrex Mobile

If you are looking for basic mobile monitoring software, Dexrex Mobile is the answer. This application does not offer many of the advanced features that you will find in many similar applications, such as parental controls and logging features. Dexrex Mobile focuses more on monitoring the most common cell phone activity such as phone calls and text messages. This cell phone monitoring application is also not stealth operated, so your child will know when he or she is being closely watched.

This software will monitor all of the phone calls made on the device. It provides call logs and detailed history reports of all incoming and outgoing phone calls. There are also text-monitoring capabilities, so you can view all sent and received text messages.

There are a few additional logging features included on Dexrex Mobile. You can monitor stored photos and videos on the cell phone, as well as BlackBerry Messenger conversations. You cannot view the internet browser's history or sent and received emails using this mobile monitoring application. Also, Dexrex Mobile doesn’t offer any GPS logging capabilities, so if you want to track the location of your child, you may want to look elsewhere for a cell phone monitoring application.

This phone monitoring software is compatible with Android, BlackBerry and iPhone smartphones. You can access the monitoring logs from any internet-connected device. However, this software does not feature any type of parental controls such as web or app blocking. You can’t block certain phone numbers from communicating with your child, and you cannot set keyword alerts, which would provide an extra level of protection and give you a closer eye on your child.

Dexrex Mobile does not offer many safety and tracking features. We were disappointed to find that there are no GPS or cell-ID tracking features. Without these features, you can’t see if your children are where they’re supposed to be – whether it’s school, home or a friend’s house. There is no way to remotely delete sensitive information if you know the phone has been lost or stolen, or if an employee is leaking sensitive information. You also cannot receive alerts if information on the SIM card has been changed.

Dexrex Mobile’s website has a useful list of FAQs that can help answer any questions you have regarding privacy, support or how this product works. It is a great place to go if you have general questions about the monitoring software. If you have specific questions about this product, you can email customer support through Dexrex’s website. Unfortunately, you cannot contact Dexrex by live chat support or telephone.


This mobile monitoring application provides a handful of monitoring features at a low price. It monitors basic cell phone activity such as phone calls and text messages. This cell phone monitoring application is useful and efficient, but the lack of parental controls and security features is a big disappointment. However, Dexrex Mobile does an excellent overall job at showing you whom your children are communicating with and what they are saying.

Dexrex Mobile