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Mobile Spy Premium Review

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PROS / Mobile Spy lets you view activity as it happens from the online dashboard.

CONS / It doesn't let you restrict your child's phone usage time.

 VERDICT / Mobile Spy is one of the most extensive products in our comparison in its capacity to track, report, restrict and notify you of device activity, and it is easy to use.

Mobile Spy lets you monitor your children via their smartphones. You can check where your child is, who they're calling and what they are looking at online. Because of its powerful tracking and reporting features and the control it gives you over alerts and restrictions, this cell phone monitoring software earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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This software is easy to install – you simply type in a direct download link. Every Mobile Spy license supports up to three smartphones. This is more than the one device allowed by most mobile phone spyware but not as many as the five devices allowed on some other products we reviewed.

This mobile phone monitoring software does more than just track and report device activity – it lets you restrict use as you see fit and set alerts for a variety of actions. You can view the device's current location and access remote commands. These include starting and stopping the alarm, emailing all text logs, locking the device, sending a text from the device and emailing the last 10 photos. It also provides you with a way to back up and restore data in case the phone is lost or stolen.

Tracking & Reporting

It’s easy to monitor a variety of details on the target cell phone and view the collected data through reports. You can view phone call data, text messages, installed apps, keystrokes and browser history. You can also view all photos taken with the device to ensure nothing inappropriate is happening and see all contacts stored in the phonebook. If the smartphone is rooted, Mobile Spy can track chat apps, such as Skype, and Gmail data.

The reporting works seamlessly, and you don't have to wait too long for information to show up on the monitoring website. You can see all activity that occurs on the phone, whether incoming or outgoing. The software also has a set of administrative tools for more powerful monitoring, and you can use them to view the device and SIM card information and to export monitored data logs.

Alerts & Restrictions

Some children need a little encouragement to focus on schoolwork when they have a smartphone. Mobile Spy lets you set restrictions on what they can access and who they can talk to. You also have the power to create alerts that notify you if your child tries to view inappropriate content, uses profane language or does anything else you don't approve of.

If you don't want your child talking to certain people, you can block those contacts from the device, or you can just flag them so you’re notified if your child contacts them. Mobile Spy does not let you set time limits on your child's smartphone, which is a very helpful feature in the best cell phone monitoring software.

You can also block specific apps and websites so your child can't use them. In addition, the app has geofencing technology, which alerts you if your child leaves a predetermined geographical area. This helps you not only monitor your child's location, but also ensures they are where they are supposed to be. You can also be notified if they try to remove the SIM card.


Like the best cell phone monitoring software, Mobile Spy is compatible with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices. It works on most recent devices and is compatible with all major phone carriers. Though the software doesn't have a term option for a single month, you can opt for a plan of three, six or 12 months.

Help & Support

Whether you have a specific concern about the product or just want to learn more about it, Mobile Spy's developer, Retina-X Studios, has plenty of resources available. If you want to speak directly with a customer service representative, you can do so through live chat or email. You can also peruse articles and other information, as well as check out the support section on its website, where you can find user guides, a live demo and a knowledgebase.


Mobile Spy can thoroughly track and report on activity on your child’s cell phone to keep them from misusing it and help them focus while at school. You can simply monitor their activity or set restrictions as needed, as well as create alerts that notify you if they try to access restricted content or uninstall the app. The in-depth reporting and excellent customer service further make this is one the best mobile phone spyware options.

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