Qustodio lets you monitor chat history, app use, and text and email messages without rooting or jailbreaking your child’s phone, keeping the device secure and any warranties intact. It monitors an impressive amount of activity on your child’s smartphone, including texts, newly added contacts, photo messages and videos your child takes. Its detailed reports let you see exactly where your child has been and what they accessed using their device. Qustodio runs invisibly on your child’s cell phone, and it gives you the power to remotely lock the device.

This cell phone parental control software is easy to navigate and use. Its interface is colorful and intuitive, so it’s easy to find reports, view activity and manage devices. There is also a general overview report on the homepage. The cell phone tracker shows you a variety of charts and statistics and gives you comprehensive reports with a breakdown of what percentage of time your child spends on which app. You can see installed apps, browser history, recent calls, sent and received text messages, and contacts stored on their device. You can also use the GPS feature to see exactly where the phone, and your child, is.

This cell phone spyware lets you set a few limits and alerts, which makes monitoring a bit easier. For example, you can block any website you deem inappropriate. This software has categorical restrictions you toggle on and off as needed. When you select a category, such as drugs, the software automatically keeps any website that promotes or talks about drugs from showing up on your child’s phone browser.

Also, if you’re worried about your children spending too much time on their cell phones, Qustodio allows you to place time limits on when they can use the phone itself or set usage limits for specific apps and websites. For example, you can allow your child to use their phone to research information for a homework assignment and block social media access during that time.

Qustodio customer support representatives are available to answer questions over email. To find answers on your own, you can consult the help section on the company’s website, where there are user guides and informational articles. Qustodio is compatible with iOS and Android devices but not BlackBerry phones. Consider PhoneSheriff if you need a program that monitors BlackBerry phones.

Qustodio has powerful tracking reports and provides useful statistics on your child’s cell phone activity. In addition, it lets you customize and set limits and alerts. You can track text messages and email communication without having to root or jailbreak the device, making Qustodio a high-quality cell phone parental control solution.

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