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Pros / It has powerful reports to help you monitor your child's smartphone activity.

Cons / It cannot send you keyword or tampering alerts.

 Verdict / Qustodio's thorough reporting and limit-setting functions make it a good choice for monitoring your child’s cell phone activity.

Qustodio's parental control software makes it easy to keep an eye on your kids’ cell phone use. It has some of the best reporting features available and helps you keep track of a variety of activity. The software’s device compatibility and ease of use make it a good option.

This cell phone spyware can monitor an impressive amount of activity on the target smartphone, including texts, newly added contacts, GPS location and browser history. It can also reveal text and photo messages, as well as pictures and videos your child takes with their phone. However, Qustodio cannot show you content your child deletes or track their keystrokes. The program has powerful reporting functions, though, and it shows you a variety of charts and statistics. It also lists the apps your child uses the most.

You can set a few limits and alerts with Qustodio, which makes monitoring a bit easier. For example, you can block any website you deem inappropriate. Also, if you're worried about your children spending too much time on their cell phones, the software allows you to place time limits. However, it doesn't alert you if your child attempts to disable the software or searches the internet using inappropriate keywords.

The software is easy to navigate and use. Its interface is colorful and intuitive, so it’s easy to find reports, view activity and manage devices. There is also a general overview report on the homepage. The software can run invisibly on your child's cell phone, and it gives you the power to remotely lock the device.

Qustodio's customer support representatives are available to answer questions and address concerns via email. Most of the other products we reviewed have additional contact avenues such as phone and email. To find answers on your own, you can consult the help section on the company’s website, where there are user guides and informational articles. It's compatible with iOS and Android smartphones but not BlackBerry devices.

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Qustodio has powerful tracking reports and provides useful statistics on your child's cell phone activity. In addition, it lets you customize and set limits and alerts, though it doesn't have as many as some higher-ranked programs. It also doesn’t track as much data as other software, but its high quality makes it one of the best cell phone parental control options.

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