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Qustodio Premium Review

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PROS / It has extremely powerful reporting, so you can monitor as many details as you need to.

CONS / It cannot create or send you keyword or tampering alerts.

 VERDICT / You can enjoy thorough reporting and limit-setting functions on most devices with this software.

You can easily keep an eye on your kids' cell phone use with Qustodio's parental control software. It provides some of the best cell phone spyware reporting available and helps you keep track of a wide variety of activity. Its decent compatibility and ease of use make it a quality choice.

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Unlike some other cell phone spyware options, Qustodio is only available in one-year terms. While this isn't ideal if you only want to monitor your children's phone activity for a short term, it's convenient if you know you'll need to monitor your kids for an extended period of time. Upon purchase, you're automatically enrolled in a recurring subscription, which lets you keep monitoring until you decide to cancel. It's compatible with iOS and Android, but not BlackBerry.

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This software is impressive with what it's capable of monitoring on a cell phone, including texts, newly added contacts, GPS location and browser history. It can also reveal text and photo messages, as well as photos and videos your child takes with the target device. However, Qustodio cannot show you content your child has deleted or track their keystrokes. It doesn't alert you if your child tampers with their phone to disable the software or searches for an inappropriate keyword either. We really like the powerful reporting function, though, which shows you various charts and statistics, and even lists which apps your child uses the most, by percentage.

You can set a few limits and alerts with Qustodio, making monitoring a bit easier. It lets you block any website you deem inappropriate. If you're worried about how much time your children spend on their cell phones, the software allows you to place limits on their phone usage time.

The software is incredibly easy to navigate and use. Its interface is colorful and intuitive, making it easy to look at reports, view activity and manage devices. You get a general overview report on the homepage. The software can run invisibly on your child's cell phone, and it gives you the ability to remotely lock the device, so you can stop your child from using it wherever they are.

Qustodio's customer support representatives are available to you via email in case you need to talk to them directly about a concern or question. You can also check out the help section on the website, where there are user guides and a variety of informational articles.


Qustodio gives you powerful tracking reports and detailed statistics on your child's cell phone activity. It has a variety of limits and alerts you can customize and set, and you even have access to remote functions. Though it doesn't give you all the alerts and details that some programs do, the quality, fast-responding customer service on top of a good product are why this is one of the best cell phone parental control software options.

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