Pros / This email encryption software is simple to install and manage. Recipients can receive and view secure emails regardless of the email client they use or the certificates they have installed.

Cons / Comodo does not offer a cloud-based solution and does not provide protection for mobile phones. It does not provide policy-based encryption technology either.

 Verdict / Because this email encryption software does not include policy-based encryption or a cloud-based solution, it is most suitable for small businesses that require compliant emails sent by a trusted handful of employees.

Comodo provides simple-to-use security software, and Comodo SecureEmail is no exception. It is simple to install and includes an Outlook plugin for one-click email encryption. Comodo also provides a network-level mode that can accommodate all types of email clients. This software is compatible with all Windows versions and requires few resources to run. It is easy to set up and is a good choice for small organization without a dedicated IT team.

Comodo's SecureEmail supports Outlook 2000 and above, Outlook Express 5.5+, Thunderbird 1.5+, Windows Mail, Incredimail, Windows Live Mail and Eudora. It is also compatible with Microsoft Exchange. It can be installed to work with Outlook or in network mode to work with all email clients. It should work with POP, SMTP and IMAP protocols; however, it has not been fully tested with all protocols, and the company doesn't endorse all of them.

Comodo provides single-use certificates and does not require your compliance officer to manage certificates. However, when in network mode, you need to make sure that you disable S/MIME signing or they will conflict. This email security software provides what are called session certificates, which provide encryption regardless of what software the recipient uses and negate the need to manage keys. Recipients can also view secure emails in a web reader. This negates the need for them to download any software, which is what most recipients prefer.

This encryption software does not include tools for data loss prevention or the ability to enforce policy. However, it does give users the opportunity to create groups of contacts. For example, interoffice emails and friends might be considered safe, whereas certain business associated can be configured to always encrypt. Email security can be set using a security slider that allows you to adjust pre-defined security levels. To save time and frustration, the software can import prior email settings from all email clients.


Comodo SecureEmail gets the job done. It encrypts emails. The software is simple to install and suitable for small operations that need an affordable encryption solution. However, it is not scalable and does not include a cloud-based option for encryption or policy enforcement.