Pros / EdgeWave's ePrism Email Security includes inbound/outbound filtering, data protection, email archiving and compliant transmissions. Recipients can view their secure emails regardless of their hardware or software.

Cons / Recipients do have to register to receive secure emails online unless a TLS server-to-server connection is established.

 Verdict / ePrism Email Security can scan more than 500 different file types for compliance and has data-loss-prevention triggers. It supports all email gateways and regulatory compliance requirements. Secure TLS connections can be set up for organizations your company communicates with often.

You can depend on EdgeWave to assist you with your compliance requirements. This email security solution encrypts emails based on data loss prevention (DLP) rules set up by the administrator, thus removing the security decisions from the sender. This email encryption software can scan more than 500 different file types for things such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and proprietary information and block or encrypt the transmission based on strictly enforced policy rules. Administrators can also set up secure TLS server-to-server connections for communicating directly with another organization. These are the preferred methods for companies with strict compliance requirements because they do not depend on users to decide to or remember to encrypt their emails.

EdgeWave supports what is called Park-and-Pull encryption. Using this method, recipients have to register and create an identity for their secure web portals. Once they have registered, subsequent secure emails are simple to receive. Recipients receive a link to a secure web portal where they can read, reply, delete, create, recall, print and save their messages. The web portal also provides inbound and outbound filters, which can block malware and spam.

Implementation of ePrism Email Security is rather simple. Administrators just have to route the email through the SMTP mail server and configure the DLP policies. Software does not have to be pushed out to the client. The encryption software includes built-in word lists that are specifically targeted to secure financial and medical information. It also has tools for identifying objectionable content, which could violate human resources or company communication guidelines. When content of interest is identified, the software can be configured to automatically encrypt, deliver to recipient, hold in quarantine for review or completely block from sending. Once everything is set up, encryption is all hands free, and there are no keys to manage. EdgeWave also provides email archiving and reporting to help you easily deal with regulatory compliance or litigation issues.


EdgeWave's ePrism Email Security is one of the best solutions for those who have strict compliance requirements who do not want to entrust users with encryption decisions. Encryption requires no effort on the sender's part, and recipients can view their secure emails regardless of the email client or device they use. This software includes powerful DLP tools and preconfigured word sets for filtering content. In addition, it includes archiving and reporting tools to handle audits. If security is critical to your company's operations, EdgeWave is an excellent candidate to secure your email transmissions.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Recipient Features

Compatible W/ Most Platforms
No Recipient Download Required
Message Accessible Via Web Portal
Can Send Secure Reply Emails
Self-Service Password Resets

Integrations & Compatibilities

DLP Protocols
eDiscovery and Archiving
Security Software

Administration Tools

Central Management Console
Policy Management
Create Groups
Deployment Options
No Key Management Required
Compatible with Active Directories


Mobile Devices
Mail Servers (MTAs)

Send Features

One-Click Encrypting
Email Tracking
Receive Notices
No Download Options
Configurable Message Expirations


Multiple Verification Methods
Policy-Based Encryption
SSAE 16 Type II Certified Data Center
Identity Based Encryption (IBE)

Additional Features

Compliance Reporting
Large File Support
Branding Options
Digital Signatures
Automated Bulk Secure Email
Secure Forms