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Symantec Encryption Desktop Corporate Review

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PROS / Symantec encryption products are compatible with all other Symantec software as well as all email clients and platforms. With Symantec, you can manage encryption and polices using the Encryption Management Server.

CONS / This software is not yet endorsed for Windows 8 and does not provide identity-based encryption.

 VERDICT / Symantec is simple to use for senders and receivers. Administrators can easily manage encryption policies using the Management Server, which negates the need for users to have to decide whether emails need to be encrypted.

Symantec provides end-to-end email encryption using OpenPGP and S/MIME encryption protocols. The email encryption software encrypts messages automatically and provides decryption regardless of what software the recipient uses. It is compatible with standard email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird and Lotus Notes. The desktop version integrates with the Symantec Encryption Management Server for policy management. The management server edition requires a dedicated server.

This is a popular encryption product that integrates with other Symantec security products. Compatible encryption products are available for encrypting files, iOS files and mobile phones. The gateway version supports data filtering and automatic email encryption. An encryption management server is available for managing deployment and policies. Symantec provides automatic encryption, which takes the burden of encryption off the user. This increases email security and decreases data loss. Recipients receive the secure email messages like standard email messages, and decryption is automatic.

Symantec encryption products are compatible with a long list of software and email protocols. This encryption software is compatible with all Windows operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 7, and Mac OS X from 10.4 through 10.6. The compatible email protocols include POP3, IMAP, SMTP, MAPI and Lotus Notes. Supported email clients include Outlook, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Novel GroupWise and Lotus Notes. For added security, the encryption software supports access cards and smart cards.

Symantec encryption software is compatible with Dropbox and other cloud-based storage services. Dropbox users can access their encrypted files securely in a Dropbox folder. This technology is used for secure file sharing. Mobile users can access their encrypted emails using iOS and Android devices. Encryption policies can be configured to allow phone owners to access their secure emails by logging into their phones. In addition, recipients can be removed remotely if they leave your company but keep their devices.


Symantec encryption products are an especially good choice for email security if you already use Symantec applications because they are compatible and it is easy to add software as your network grows. In addition, the recipient experience is simple and is not any more difficult than receiving standard email, which will help keep your clients and associates happy.