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Trend Micro Email Encryption Review

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PROS / Trend Micro provides identity-based encryption and does not require key management. It integrates with Outlook for easy sending, and recipients can view secure emails without downloading software.

CONS / This email encryption software is not compatible with Macs on the send side. In addition, it requires a supplementary purchase to acquire policy-based encryption.

 VERDICT / If you are looking for a simple solution for satisfying your email encryption needs, even just at the client level, Trend Micro can help you. It can also help you if you are looking to add policy-based encryption and data scanners to a Windows-based environment.

Trend Micro provides client, gateway and hosted email encryption services. It is compatible with other Trend Micro supporting applications such as Data Privacy and ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange. Using a combination of these applications, you can create a customized security solution for your company. Trend Micro encryption services include a hosted key service so that administrators do not have to manage keys. The gateway version can enforce configured policies, and the hosted version also enforces policy but does not require you to maintain the hardware to support it.

This email encryption software utilizes a proprietary form of identity-based encryption called Trend Micro Private Post, which uses the recipient's email address to create encryption keys. Administrators do not have to manage keys, and the encryption keys are available 24/7. For additional support, Trend Micro can also manage user passwords so that administrators do not have to reset passwords manually if they are forgotten or need to be changed.

Users can encrypt emails from Outlook, or you can add mail scan or Data Loss Prevention software to enforce automatic policy-based encryption. Trend Micro provides gateway, Microsoft Exchange and cloud-based mail scanning solutions. The gateway version acts as a virtual client, and the hosted version operates off-site using Trend Micro servers and includes email security. However, in order to use the hosted email security service, you do need an existing internet gateway or workgroup SMTP connection with access to the DNS mail exchange record to redirect the MX mail host record. Most administrators should be able to manage this redirect with little effort. If your email service is hosted, you may have to contact the provider for assistance.

Recipients can view their messages via the Zero Download Reader using Internet Explorer or Firefox and on iPhones, Android or Blackberry mobile phones. Recipients can also send back secure emails without being Trend Micro subscribers. Compatible email clients for senders include Outlook and Windows Live Mail. It does not support Mac email software or Linux environments. Trend Micro email security products are developed to function in a Windows network.


Trend Micro is one of the few email security companies that offer protection for one PC or an entire network, either hosted or on-premise. This makes it a good choice for growing companies because it is easy to add on to as your business grows. Trend Micro email encryption also requires few resources to manage, and its send/receive procedures are hassle free.