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Facebook Parental Controls Reviews

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Facebook Parental Controls Review

Why Monitor Your Kids' Facebook Activity?

Participating in social media is a great way for kids to express themselves, keep in touch with friends and develop social skills. Unfortunately, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and text messages can be a digital playground for sexual predators, cyberbullies, identity thieves and people who post adult-oriented content. Software that offers Facebook parental controls is a great way to protect your kids online by providing social network monitoring and privacy.

As a concerned, involved parent, you've taught your kids not to take candy from strangers and to stay away from certain parts of town, and you always want to know where they’re going, who they’ll be with, what they’re planning to do and when they’ll be back. But what can you do while they are online? With parental controls software for Facebook you can keep tabs on your kids without interfering and earning more glares and eye-rolling. Our reviews take a comprehensive look at the strengths and weaknesses of the best Facebook parental controls software available, including Norton Online Family Premier, Trend Micro Online Guardian for Families, and PureSight Owl.

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Facebook Parental Controls: What to Look For

It can be tough to figure out which Facebook parental controls are the best or which social network monitoring tool is right for your family. Use the following criteria to evaluate the best Facebook parental controls software and discover which ones are the most effective, easiest to use, and flexible enough to meet the needs of your individual family.

The best Facebook parental controls have a robust feature set with tools to help parents keep their kids protected on social networks. Parental controls for Facebook can help identify dangers (some you probably didn’t even know were possible), monitor risky behavior, stay alerted on activity, moderate friends and even review posted pictures. Your family is unique, and the best Facebook monitoring tools can adapt to your parenting style. With age-appropriate settings and custom controls, you should be able to gently monitor one child and keep a heavy eye on another, all from the same Facebook parental control application.

The ultimate goal of Facebook parental controls is to protect your child. How well a social network monitoring application works depends on how aggressive the filtering is, what monitoring technologies are used and how they are actually implemented. The most effective parental controls for Facebook have a dynamic approach to accommodate the unpredictable nature of social networking (not to mention teenagers).

Alerts & Reporting
Sifting through everything that one of your kids says on Facebook walls could be a full-time job, and it could quickly turn into nightmare if you have two or three children with multiple social networking accounts apiece. Timely alerts and summary reports help busy parents manage their kids' online behavior without getting lost it in. The best Facebook parental control applications make it easy to know what’s going on while still maintaining your distance.

Facebook doesn't have to be a dangerous place for your kids to play. With powerful Facebook parental controls, you can keep tabs on your kids without interfering. Whether you’re trying to protect their reputation and privacy, keep an eye out for cyberbullying and strangers or just learn more about what your kids are doing online, you can be an involved online parent with the best Facebook parental control software.

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