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Kaspersky Internet Security for Android Review

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PROS / Kaspersky Internet Security for Android acquitted itself with perfect scores during tests conducted by AV Test.

CONS / If it is important that your mobile antivirus app includes online backup utilities and parental controls, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is not it.

 VERDICT / Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is effective mobile protection with anti-theft features.

Kaspersky, the enemy of hackers, is a pioneer in mobile malware detection. In fact as early as 2004, Kaspersky Lab found a computer worm called Cabire on a Symbian device. Ever since, mobile devices have been under attack as we increasingly use our smartphones for almost everything that used to require personal computers.

Hackers want to enslave your smartphone to perform Bitcoin mining. Phishers want to trick you into giving up your personal identity and bank account information. Thieves want to physically steal your phone so they can mine the data, make calls at your expense or sell the hardware. Despite the fact that the Android operating system provides app developers with significant security features, hackers cannot withstand the temptation to exploit the massive installed base of Android devices. There are many infection vectors that hackers use to place malware. The inventiveness that hackers apply to trick users into installing predatory apps is a tribute to the dark side of human ingenuity.

Without mobile security software you are vulnerable to all sorts of bad stuff. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is one of the very best ways to achieve mobile phone virus protection. Although it does not bundle parental controls or backup utilities, this mobile antivirus software excels in security testing by independent labs. It has well-conceived features, including anti-theft strategies, and it is highly usable. Furthermore, according to our long-term experience, Kaspersky customer service is responsive. The Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for cell phone protection goes to Kaspersky.



One of the most respected independent software test labs, AV Test, evaluated more than two dozen mobile antivirus products during March 2014. The test subjected the collection of best antivirus for mobile software to more than 2,000 malicious apps discovered within four weeks prior to testing. Each product was the current version running in default mode with permission to update whenever necessary and to query in-cloud services. Kaspersky Mobile Security detected and stopped 100 percent of the malicious apps.


The features in Kaspersky’s antivirus software for mobile reflect a thoughtful approach to building a product, protecting in many ways yet without giving over to feature creep. If you want parental controls and backup utilities, they are available separately from Kaspersky. Internet Security for Android features concentrate on anti-spam, authentication, antimalware and anti-theft. To control spam, you can build lists of message senders and callers to block. To keep unwanted people out of the application, you can lock your screen and force a password. Antimalware features abound. The application can perform full system scans on demand or according to a schedule. It protects against malicious files in real time and sends any suspicious items to a quarantine area. Kaspersky also provides safe browsing so that you do not fall victim to malicious websites and sites that could trick you into divulging your personal identity.

Of course it is wonderful to have cell phone virus protection, but as we carry our mobile phones around there is also the security threat of losing a phone through neglect, theft or burglary. Therefore, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android includes extensive anti-theft features that you can access and control from a web interface or by using SMS commands. If you have simply misplaced your phone in your home and can’t call it because you no longer have a landline, you can make the phone scream from wherever it wound up so you can retrieve it from between the couch cushions or behind the dresser. If someone takes your phone, you have many ways to neutralize the threat to your personal identity. For example, you can wipe the data from your phone and lock it. You could also configure the anti-theft features so that the phone locks when the SIM card changes. It is even possible to receive the thief’s new phone number when a new SIM appears. If anyone tries to uninstall the app without knowing the password, the attempt will fail.


The Kaspersky mobile virus protection app conforms to Android app development best practices, which means it is easy to operate. Of course, there is more to usability than the user interface. The independent test lab AV Test ran Kaspersky Mobile Security through tests that measured the effect of the antivirus mobile security on smartphone usability. The tests demonstrated that Kaspersky issued no false warnings whatsoever while installing many hundreds of legitimate apps from the Google Play Store and from third-party app stores. Furthermore, Kaspersky’s security app did not shorten battery life or bog down the device.

Help & Support

Help and support are available on weekdays by live chat, telephone and email.


Your smartphone is a treasure trove of data that could escape your control during a successful attack by a mobile virus. Kaspersky’s mobile security and antivirus app emerges at the head of its class as documented by the reputable AV Test lab, where it earned perfect scores. Although Kaspersky does not bundle backup and parental control utilities with its mobile virus protection, the feature set provides multiple layers of protection organized into four areas: anti-spam, authentication, antimalware and anti-theft.