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The Best Parental Time Control Software of 2017

Keep Your Kids In Line Online

The Best Parental Time Control Software of 2017
Parental Time Control Software
KidsWatch Time Management
iNet Protector
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Parental Time Control Software Review

What Does Parental Time Control Software Do?

Computers and the internet, despite the dangers, are useful tools that can provide a high level of entertainment and education. Sometimes it may be impractical for a parent to sit and watch a child for hours while they do their homework, or parents may still be at work when their kids get home from school. Some kids are just a bit mischievous and sneak onto the computer late at night to play games or chat with their friends. So what is the solution? Parental time control software will keep kids safe, on task and out of trouble.

Parental time control software performs two functions. It controls the amount of time on computers, the internet or games. And it control what users are allowed to do. Parents, libraries, internet cafés, schools and offices can all benefit from parental control software.

Time Control
Most programs how long a user can use the computer and when. For example, you could allow two hours per day of computer use but block out the hours that you are at work and 11pm to 6am, so that your child does not use the computer during unreasonable or unsupervised hours.

Many let you to set daily, weekly or monthly limits and allow a study mode for homework use. Time limits can be set for specific programs as well, so game use can be limited while time in Microsoft Word could be unlimited.

Program Control
Parents can choose which programs are OK for each user. This function restricts specific web pages, prohibits downloads and blocks programs such as gamesl. It also denies access to the control panel. If your teen is doing homework you could allow the school website, .gov, .edu or .org research web pages but block chat, games, Facebook, unapproved webpages and email. Your kid can stay on task while using the positive applications of the computer.

In this site, you’ll find articles related to parental time control software, as well as comprehensive reviews and a side–by–side comparison to help you make an informed decision on which software is right for your family. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To.™

What to Look for in Parental Time Control Software

Look for a program that gives the level of control you want, some software controls only total time, while others offer different combinations of time control, such as by the hour, day, week or month. Secondly, look for a program that gives you the kind of application control you need, such as Microsoft Windows, control panel, programs and Internet restrictions.

We looked at programs, compared their features, tested their effectiveness and compiled the data for side-by-side comparison. We also looked at customer support and whether the software is easy to use.

Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS uses to evaluate Parent Time Control Software:

Feature Set
We look at the variety of features available as well as their helpfulness. The top products not only monitor access and time, but also support restrictions on additional items such as programs, games, chat and downloads and provide reporting.

Ease of Use
This evaluates how easy a program is to use.

Ease of Installation/Setup
The best programs are quick to download and don’t have problems during the download or setup process.

Technical Support/Help
Product support is important, we looked at whether the product comes with a user guide as well as customer support contact methods such as email forms, telephone numbers or online documentation such as FAQs, forums and tutorials.

Time Control Effectiveness
Parental time control software should control access and time limits to the computer, internet or other applications exactly how the administrator (parents) set them.

For the best time control product, see KidsWatch Time Control.