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iNet Protector 4 Review

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PROS / iNet Protector is basic time-control software that is inexpensive and easy to use.

CONS / It doesn't always successfully block internet access during use-restricted periods.

 VERDICT / iNet Protector is an excellent choice for basic parental time control software.

The internet is a quantum leap in human progress. And yet, much of it is a raw open sewer with images and messages of hate and degradation. Careless traveling along the highways and byways of the worldwide web is dangerous, even for adults. The dangers for children are even worse. Technology is available to complement your child-rearing approach. iNet Protector is parental time control software from Blumentals Software that is easy to use and affordable. A good choice for computer novices who only need simple time and application control, iNet Protector wins the TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award. Blumentals Software is a privately held software company with headquarters in the city of Riga, Latvia, on the east coast of the Baltic Sea.

Feature Set

The feature set lets you restrict internet access on demand or at certain times. The software lets you block or allow websites and control the programs and features that depend on the internet. You can protect the internet with a password or set it to disable internet connection after a period of time that you choose. The product lets you "Restrict Internet Access" or "Enable Full Access." You can disable instant messaging programs.

If you want your AVG updates to continue without interruption while you are blocking the internet, Blumentals Software support site lists exactly the programs and IP addresses to allow. The online knowledge base anticipates the situations that might happen when you block internet access and it explains what to do. For example, you might want to allow your PC to access its timeserver so that it updates and synchronizes the system clock. The knowledge base also shows how to configure the program so that it allows Microsoft software updates even during the times that you are blocking access to the internet.

iNet Protector features give the power back to parents who want to restrict internet access when they cannot be present to supervise children. It controls computer use by implementing your policies. It does not spy on anyone. To set daily internet usage limits, the program offers a "Set Daily Quotas" option. If you check the box called "Enable Internet Usage Quotas," you can type the number of hours that your child can spend web surfing.

The software is also useful for employers who want to keep employees from online entertainment at work. Use it in an office environment if you want to allow work-related websites only.


Ease of Use

iNet Protector has an easy to use interface and computer novices should find iNet Protector one of the easier programs to navigate. Since there are few features to manage, such as Microsoft Windows restrictions, the program is simple and uncomplicated.

If you are using McAfee or Norton antivirus software, they might sometimes think that iNet Protector contains a virus. It doesn't. Make sure you have the latest versions of your antivirus program installed and disable any unwanted program block features.

Ease of Installation/Setup

We had no problems installing and setting up the program.

Technical Support/Help

Even though iNet Protector does not provide telephone support, it earns our best rating in this area because of responsiveness. Blumentals Software gives an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee and free updates. The program runs on all 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows.

Time Control Effectiveness

The product is a productivity tool that restricts internet access with exceptions for programs and resources that you deem good. You can't really use it to block social sites unless you use the exceptions mode rather than the blocking mode, but then you would have to add all the sites that you allow your children to use. The program cannot protect http and https sites simultaneously, a fact that intelligent children might soon discover and exploit.


iNet Protector is an easy to use and low priced option for parental time control software. We like that it blocks certain internet features, such as web browsing, while allowing useful tools such as email. Of course, the best software is no replacement for responsible parenting. Establish rules. Keep children's monitors in locations that you can monitor. And use parental time control software. But realize that teaching your children about the hazards is by far the most effective protection because if they so desire, children of any age can get access to any content when they are away from your home. Parental control software helps to make sure that at least it doesn't happen under your roof.

iNet Protector lets you block or allow websites and control which features and programs can connect with the internet. You can disable access to the internet after the amount of time that you permit. And you can control how long a specific child can surf the web or chat or play games, according to what is appropriate for the age and relative maturity of the child. This is one of the very best parental time control software products.