Norton Security Premium includes a powerful personal firewall that monitors your network while you are online to ensure nothing suspicious is trying to break in and snoop around your computer to cause harm or steal information. Norton Security Premium is both a Windows and Mac firewall, plus it is compatible with mobile devices, so everything connected to your home network can be shielded from internet threats. It is designed to work alongside your operating system firewall, providing an extra layer of protection.

We found that Norton Security is very good at tracking activities on your computer, plus it does well in third-party protection tests, making it one of the best firewall options. We feel it is especially good for families because the extra tools and protections are designed to keep everyone, including your children, safe while online.

Norton includes a system scan that looks for vulnerable points, typically outdated software programs, that are open doors for hackers and ransomware to sneak in and attack your computer. Norton will also let you know if there are any programs installed that are not critical and that you haven’t used in a while. Deleting these applications frees up storage space on your computer and reduces the places where malware can hide if it gets through. It also helps your computer run faster and more efficiently.

The antivirus portion of this firewall software is very efficient at spotting and blocking malware threats. It consistently scores well above average for virus protection compared to other security solutions. We found that it quickly and easily found keyloggers and adware on our network during our in-house testing. We were impressed that some minor threats, such as tracking cookies, were identified and taken care of without first asking our permission to remove it.

Norton Security Premium includes safety tools specifically designed for families. Its parental controls are very powerful and let you block inappropriate content by selecting one of several filter categories. You can also track messages and activity on your child’s cell phone so they are protected wherever they are.

Other great security tools include identity theft protection, safe browser and password managers. These features help shield your personal information, including bank accounts, social security numbers and passwords, as you enter them online. You are also given online backup storage, so all your computer files and applications are secure if your system crashes. You will be able to reinstall everything back to where it was before your computer crashed, whether on your repaired system or a whole new computer.

Norton Security Premium is a good security program with a powerful firewall that is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, and with mobile devices. It includes extra security features, such as parental controls, a safe browser and password manager, that helps further protect your whole family while they are online. For more information visit our Internet Security Suite comparison and our review of Norton Security Premium's advanced security features.

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