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Anti Tracks 9.0.1 Review

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PROS / Anti Tracks has a file safe and IP hider. It works with all major internet browsers. It hides your IP address.

CONS / There are so many tools in the software that it can take a while to take care of everything.

 VERDICT / Anti Tracks is a full privacy suite that cleans Windows and browsers, hides you on the internet and shreds deleted files.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Anti Tracks 9.0.1

Anti Tracks privacy software includes tools to help you stay protected while you actually use your computer. Anti Tracks includes cleaners for your internet, Windows and other software activity. Additional tools include a secure file shredder, file safe and IP hider. The software is effective at removing undesired files, but what about the private information you still want stored on your computer? Anti Tracks includes file and folder locking, which let you seal and encrypt sensitive files. You can even hide files in other files so they just look like normal picture or audio files. You can surf the web using a masked IP address. And you can locate and remove junk files and duplicate files. If you have multiple copies of the same file, you can get rid of them. The software detects and deletes broken shortcuts. If hackers or others did get control of your computer, you certainly wouldn’t want them messing with your privacy software settings. Password protection is available for the whole program, and it’s a feature that is often overlooked in privacy monitors.

While most privacy software focuses on removing sensitive information, this privacy solution is effective at removing traces of your history and securing files that you still want. The software locates and deletes traces of your PC activity, including web history and your use of third-party software. You can also manually shred any file or folder on your computer. Files removed using this software aren’t just deleted, they’re permanently removed from your PC and can’t be recovered even with professional file recovery tools. You can choose from a number of erasing methods, including the Department of Defense standard, National Security Agency Standard or Gutmann method. You can overwrite files with a single number or random characters up to 99 times. The software is fairly easy to use, thanks in part to the well-organized interface. Navigating the program and performing tasks is pretty straightforward.

The additional help and support available for Anti Tracks is decent, but not sufficient considering the power and scope of the program. An integrated help file is available, or you can find some help online. Unfortunately, the FAQs section isn’t too robust and we noticed the live help is offline more often than not.


Anti Tracks is good privacy software. Whether you’re eliminating your internet history, securely deleting files or storing them safely hidden, Anti Tracks has you covered.

Anti Tracks 9.0.1