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Windows & Internet Cleaner Pro 7.5 Review

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PROS / Windows & Internet Cleaner Pro has numerous erasing options and works with over 250 plugins.

CONS / The privacy software could use a redesigned interface and easier navigation.

 VERDICT / Windows & Internet Cleaner Pro is a good privacy program, but not the best.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Windows & Internet Cleaner Pro 7.5

Windows & Internet Cleaner Pro from NeoImagic is a great privacy software with plenty of power and usability. As the name suggests, it is equipped to keep your private information safe by cleaning sensitive information from your internet browser and Windows itself. We found the software to be quite effective and efficient. While we’d like to see a new design implemented and a few additional features added, Windows & Internet Cleaner Pro is one of the best privacy software solutions available.

Ease of Use

The software may not be too aesthetic, but the navigation is pretty straightforward. The program’s main dashboard layout has the various components organized into tabs. You can quickly get to the various elements of the software and designate which areas you’d like to clean and which (if any) you want to leave alone.

The one thing that did take a little getting used to is that you have to adjust all of the settings in their respective areas and then go back to the main screen to run the scan. Once you get the process down it’s not a problem, and the clean itself doesn’t take very long to complete.

Simplifying the process even more, the software includes a scheduler to let you plan ahead and designate a specific time to run a clean sweep. After a full clean you will need to restart your computer, so you can either have it restart or shut down automatically after the process is completed.

Cleaning Capabilities

Windows & Internet Cleaner is effective in maintaining your privacy because it looks for a lot of different things in the scans. For your internet privacy, the software can remove the list of URLs you’ve visited, cache, cookies and even autocomplete forms and passwords. While most modern internet browsers contain tools to delete your web history, the software includes advanced tools to eliminate traces of your online activity that the browser’s tools simply can’t. The privacy software is also equipped to remove private information from your operating system, such as which programs you’ve accessed and other user activity. In fact, it features over 250 plugins for third-party software, so you can cover your tracks on the software you use on your computer as well.

Technical Support

Windows & Internet Cleaner comes with options for what you want to be included in scans of your Windows and internet browser traces. You can determine whether you want the program to load when Windows starts up or start in the system tray or if you want AutoClean to run when Windows starts up or shuts down. Files you want to be deleted can be overwritten up to 999 times with the file shredder, making it virtually impossible for them to be recovered. Not only does this improve your privacy, but it can significantly speed up your PC by freeing up space where all the file remnants were stored.


Overall, Windows & Internet Cleaner Pro is an excellent product. It has a good balance of functionality and usability. It doesn’t have as many options as some of the other products, but it does cover all of the major issues related to privacy protection.

Windows & Internet Cleaner Pro 7.5