When selecting spouse monitoring software to highlight, we looked for programs that help you monitor activity on various devices, filter out websites with questionable content and provide reports on overall activity.

Spouse monitoring software has several advantages. When an individual is recovering from pornography addiction or a relationship is recovering from infidelity, you and your partner may benefit from software that tracks internet access, filters content, blocks websites and logs chat conversations. Knowing that your spouse is behaving properly can sometimes propel a relationship into recovery and advance it to a more loving and trusting level.

In this guide, you will find our standout choices for the best spouse monitoring software for phones, for Macs and for blocking groups of websites.

The Best Spouse Monitoring Software for Phones

While a lot of software packages focus on monitoring computer activity, more and more people use their cell phones as their primary way to access the web. If you only monitor computer activity, you could be missing out on a large chunk of information. WebWatcher lets you download a mobile app onto whichever device you want to track. Available on both iPhone and Android, this app runs unobtrusively in the background.

The WebWatcher app is easy to download and begins recording immediately. You can see any incoming messages, including text messages, Facebook messages and any pictures. You can also track website history and set up notifications. WebWatcher offers nearly every feature from its full desktop version in its mobile app – so you don’t miss a thing.


WebWatcher has features such as content filtering and website blocking, plus it offers reporting features and remote administration of the monitored PC. Awareness Technologies, a Los Angeles-based company, has produced surveillance software since 1996.

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The Best Spouse Monitoring Software for Mac

Many spouse monitoring programs only work with Windows, and quite a few that do work with Mac do not offer a full feature set. Net Nanny offers all of its monitoring and blocking features for Mac’s operating system.

With Net Nanny you can block pornography and enforce SafeSearch in Google and other search engines. You can monitor social media and set keywords so you are notified right away when someone is writing them. If you choose, you can also set time limits on your computer. These time limits control how long a browser can be open, or you can set it to only allow access on specific days and times. For example, on weekdays you can allow internet use from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. each day.

You can control Net Nanny and your user settings from the web-based console, which you can access from any internet browser.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny's content filtering and blocking features are powerful. However, Net Nanny cannot capture a monitored user's keyboard strokes. The company's major focus is on the development of internet-safety solutions for your home as well as schools, libraries, governments and businesses.

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The Best Spouse Monitoring Software for Web Blocking

Filtering websites and blocking categories or types of sites is an important piece in family and spouse monitoring software. Spytech offers software that lets you filter and block specific websites as well as whole groups of sites, like pornography, dating and gambling sites.

You can also block applications from being used after a certain time without completely blocking the website. For example, you can block Facebook after 9 p.m. so no one can access this site after that time. However, this won’t prevent anyone from accessing it during the day. By offering different levels of blocking and filtering, Spytech gives you control of what websites you block and how you block them.


Spytech offers a range of services to help you monitor you home computer as well as filter and block questionable internet content. Many enriched features make this software appropriate for keeping children safe online, and it could also serve well as a spouse monitoring software solution.

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Important Legal Considerations

While it might be tempting to use spouse monitoring software to catch a cheating husband or wife, we strongly recommend against it. In many states it is legal to record phone calls if one of the parties is aware of the recording. This means you can record your own calls without having to tell the other party. However, it is not legal in the U.S. to record someone else’s calls. The same is true for emails and instant messages.

The ECPA, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, passed by Congress in 1986, says that justifiable expectations of privacy are protected. This means that password protected areas, like an email account, are private. Unless your partner has given you their password, they can expect a level of privacy, which falls under the protection of the ECPA.

Any information you obtain from their email account via spouse monitoring software is obtained illegally. This also means that it will be inadmissible in court during any divorce or child-custody hearings. Consequences could be even greater. Those who have been caught spying on their spouse’s electronics without consent have been charged with stalking and invasion of privacy.

Appropriate Use

Despite the legal concerns mentioned above, there are many ways to appropriately employee spouse monitoring software. For example, if you did catch a cheating spouse, spouse monitoring software could be used as part of a plan to help rebuild the relationship. If your partner is willing to let you monitor them, you will rest assured that they have not strayed again.

The key to legally and effectively implementing spouse monitoring software is that both partners should be aware of the software’s presence on their devices, including computers, cell phone and tablets. To learn about other ways to use monitoring software, visit our Parental Monitoring and Employee Monitoring Software sites, or read our articles on privacy and related topics.

When you buy spouse monitoring software, make sure you understand how to appropriately implement the software so you get the most out of it and avoid any legal trouble.