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Spouse Monitoring Software Reviews

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Spouse Monitoring Software Review

Spouse Monitoring Software: Useful Features

Spouse monitoring software has several advantages. Relationships recovering from infidelity may benefit from tracking a partner's internet access, filter content, block websites that contain questionable content and log chat conversations. Knowing that your spouse is behaving properly can sometimes propel a relationship into recovery and advance it to a more loving and trusting level.

Individuals recuperating from an online pornography, gambling or gaming addiction may benefit from the software's oversight features. Sometimes, knowing that someone is watching is helpful in overcoming physical drives and impulses.

To learn more about appropriate and legal use of spouse surveillance applications, please visit our Learning Center to view articles about spouse monitoring software.

In this review site, you will find objective side-by-side comparisons and reviews of the best spouse surveillance software available. We will provide instruction, information and facts about what features to look for when choosing an application.

Spouse Monitoring Software: What to Look For

Below are the criteria Top Ten Reviews used to evaluate monitoring solutions.

Online Monitoring
Monitoring a spouse's internet activity is of paramount importance to users of spouse monitoring software. Features to look for in this area include display screenshots, capturing search engine phrases and keywords, accessed websites, social networks and more. Some apps can record usernames and passwords, Facebook and MySpace activities and blog posts.

Recording both sides of chat and instant messaging conversations is another desirable feature to consider.

Computer Tracking
PC tracking features to look for include the recording of launched applications and duration of use. This feature is useful to track how long a spouse or partner watches videos, plays games and more. In most instances, the software logs the name of the video or game played.

Keylogger components capture every keyboard stroke a user makes. Other useful features to consider are the recording of a user's display via screenshots, scheduled PC access and more.

Customization options may include non-stealth and stealth settings. Hot key access and Password protection guard the software's configuration from tampering by users of the monitored computer.

Filtering & Blocking
Make sure the application you are considering has filtering and blocking features. Some applications filter content by keywords, phrases, categories and even the images they contain.

Some software has the capability of blocking chat and instant message applications by application name, application type or even usernames.

Filtering and blocking search engine results is another common feature of surveillance software.

Additional elements to consider include the filtering or blocking of online games, dating, social networking and social media websites.

Without comprehensive reporting capabilities, monitoring apps are ineffective. Deciding the types of reporting capabilities an individual needs is a key element for the success of any surveillance solution.

Some partners will want to remotely access reports from any internet-connected computer. While others are willing to wait until they can physically access the local monitored PC. Some users want both local and remote reporting capabilities. Additional reporting features to consider are email keyword alerts, saving the data for later viewing, log rotation of collected information and more.

Our top rated apps in spouse monitoring software are WebWatcher, Net Nanny and Spytech SpyAgent.