• Best Antivirus Software to Frustrate the Hacker Mafia



    You can choose to focus on goodness as protection from evil, but if you do not also install antivirus software on your PC, you are dangling bait for predators. Hackers inhabit the shadow lands where there is insufficient light for them to discern that the separation they feel from others is an illusion of the dormant ego. Despite their intellectual prowess, hackers are spiritual know-nothings with a blind spot that emboldens them to steal from others without recognizing that they are members of the human family. Consequently, they fall into the ego trap of greed, a delusion that inspires larceny and spreads misery. The thing that hackers crave is to steal your identity, and with it, your money.




    We are concerned with hackers who have gone over to the dark side, not the ones who can hack with the best of them but choose to apply their knowledge and skill to help antivirus software publishers improve their products. Many of the dark-side hackers begin perhaps as brilliant loners with antisocial tendencies, but they easily find like-minded souls through the connective power of the internet. During the past few years, they have organized themselves into an elaborate counter cultural business ecosystem where they spur each other on and cooperate in taking what is not rightfully theirs. The first historical hacks were innocent and playful, but then they quickly became sinister. As antimalware began to match wits with hackers, the underground organized to take advantage of the power of teamwork. You are their prey, but fortunately, there are mercenary teams that you can pay to play on your side. The three best antivirus software teams that we recommend are Bitdefender, Kaspersky and Norton.

    The publishers of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Norton AntiVirus create virtual teams comprised of their installed customer bases. The benefit is that as soon as the first of their clients become victims of newly hatched malware, awareness of the malware and its antidote are spread via the internet to all clients' accounts in order to stop the contagion before it can spread too far. To fulfill your obligation as a security team member, it is important to keep up with the latest patches to your operating systems and applications, as well as the most recent version of your antivirus software. Of course it is good to think good thoughts. But good thoughts plus antivirus software will go a long way toward placing you beyond the reach of the hacker mafia.

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