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KetuFile Standard Review

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PROS / KetuFile uses the official encryption system for the U.S. government and military.

CONS / There are no additional security features to complement the encryption.

 VERDICT / KetuFile is full-strength encryption software with somewhat limited features and functionality.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Encryption Software here.

KetuFile Standard

KetuFile is Windows file encryption software that supports the U.S. government- and military-approved encryption standard. Unfortunately, it includes few convenience features and no additional security features that might have proven useful for those who are security-minded.

In terms of its encryption capability, it uses 256-bit key AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), an algorithm so powerful that the U.S. government forbids software publishers from exporting it to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. How strong is it? The 256-bit key in AES creates a trillion times a trillion times a trillion times a trillion times a trillion times a trillion possible keys. Such is the power of KetuFile’s encryption algorithm that it would take billions of computers running for billions of years to successfully conduct a brute-force deciphering of a file encrypted by KetuFile. If you fear that unforeseen improvements in quantum computing might shorten the key-cracking time frame, there is a Pro version of KetuFile that provides a 512-bit key. KetuFile encryption is as strong as can be, with no key recovery feature and no hidden back doors.

However, this file encryption software is vulnerable to criticism when it comes to other security feature aspects. For example, unlike many of the encryption software products in our review, KetuFile does not support self-extracting EXE files, which means that in order to distribute an encrypted file to someone else, that person must also have bought and installed KetuFile and cannot simply extract a file that you send using a password that you provided. Note that KetuFile is also the most expensive of the products in our review of best encryption applications, even though it has the shortest feature list.

Furthermore, in a competitive field in which the majority of products provide additional security that logically goes with encryption software, KetuFile does nothing but encryption. Unlike the majority of its competitors, it contains no file shredder, which means that if you delete a file, it continues to exist on your hard disk and anyone with file recovery or forensics software can bring it back to life. And even though some of KetuFile’s competitors provide password generators, password strength meters, virtual keyboards and internet activity history cleaners, KetuFile has none of those.

For help and support, the only access to the publisher is via email. The website contains useful whitepapers that are tutorials about the science of encryption.


KetuFile concentrates on providing state-of-the art encryption at a strength that moves it beyond the possibility that anyone in our lifetime, or millions of lifetimes for that matter, would be able to crack it. Unfortunately however, it is not competitive because it lacks features that would make the encryption more useful, and it lacks general security features that might prove useful to someone employing encryption.

KetuFile Standard