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Profil Parental Filter Review

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PROS / With only one purchase, you can license three computers.

CONS / There are help and support options, but live chat is not one.

 VERDICT / Profil Parental Filter is a good internet filter.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Internet Filter Software here.

Profil Parental Filter

While the worldwide web has much to offer, there is also plenty of malicious and questionable content to be found. Profil Parental Filter is internet filter software from Profil Technology, a subsidiary of the company that publishes Bitdefender security software. This internet filter software lets you control what your children see by categorizing content and giving you several ways to filter.

The software has several preconfigured security level profiles, each of which are geared toward children of different ages. Within these profiles, you can customize exactly what the internet filter will block or allow and to what extent. Besides internet filtering, you can also place various time constraints on computer usage, including how many minutes are allowed in a day, week or month. And you can allow specific users to access the internet or log in to the computer only at certain times of the day. Perhaps the most powerful customization that Profil Parental Filter gives you is the ability to control how your computer accesses information. You can also control access to outgoing and incoming emails.

One possibly useful feature of this internet filter software is the ability to record screen activity on the computer. You can specify how often you want it to take screenshots. If you want one screenshot every second, or only one every 10 minutes, it's up to you. These screenshots are stored anywhere from one week up to a month. With this feature, it's easy to know exactly how your children are using their time on the computer.

Profil Parental Filter records many different statistics that you can review at any time. You can see the number of websites your child visits and whether any were rejected by the internet filter. General computer history is also recorded. You can see exactly which programs your child runs and for how long your child uses the programs. You can use screenshots, taken at predetermined intervals, to keep an eye on your child's activity.

One copy of Profil Parental Filter provides you with three licenses. This will allow you to install the internet filter on three different computers, granting you full support, protection and filtering options on all of the computers.

Profil Parental Filter has an intuitive interface that presents you with detailed information but not in a confusing manner. It is easy to understand and assimilate the information in the form of graphs and charts. It is also easy to change the options for each profile, which allows you to grant privileges to older children. At no point were we confused about how changing a setting would affect a particular profile. An installation wizard helps you set up all of the profiles for the people who will use the computer. You create passwords and names and specify the ages of the children who the internet filter will work to protect. There is an option to upload pictures for each of the profiles. That way you don't have to stick with the generic icons that come with the internet filter.

Don't worry about getting all of the profiles done immediately. You can always add, remove or edit profiles. Part of the installation allows you to indicate information that you never want to leave your computer. For example, you can tell Profil Parental Filter to block the sending of addresses and credit card numbers. Perhaps the best part to this whole process is the fact that you can do this from a completely different computer. Once the internet filter is installed on one of the three computers that can be licensed under one copy, you can edit the settings for all profiles from any computer. This internet filter can also update itself automatically, but only on a schedule that you specify. Or you can simply update it manually whenever you feel it's necessary.

Profil Parental Filter has a variety of filtering options, each of which blocks different types of content and affects the speed and strength of internet filtering. For example, the internet filter can block pornographic images in several ways. The fastest method downloads the image and displays it, then analyzes the image. If the image is found to be pornographic, it adds the website to a blacklist and blocks it from future visits. This method grants the user the fastest speed at the cost of being exposed to potentially pornographic material. Another method has the internet filter scan the image as it is downloaded. If it is identified as pornographic, it stops the download and prevents the image from displaying. This results in slightly lower performance speed. The slowest method is also the safest method. The internet filter scans the image completely before it is displayed. If it contains pornographic material, it doesn't display the image. It takes time to analyze the images before they're displayed, so users could experience some slowdown in this mode.

This internet filter software can filter and block news or HTTPS protocols. There are many types of data that it can block as well: archives, audio, executables, PDFs, pictures, on-screen texts and videos.

Another filtering option allows you to block or simply filter languages. You can specify which languages to allow and block all other languages. You can do the same with email addresses and Windows folders and drives, which allows you to control what your children have access to and when. You can specify when and for how long a user will have access to a specific program. However, if your children think you've placed too many restrictions on their profiles, they can make a request through Profil Parental Filter for you to approve. You can also turn this option off if you don't want your children making such requests.


Profil Parental Filter is a good internet filter that gives you control over what your children can do from a computer. You have direct control over what your children can and cannot see — not only on the internet, but also on the computer itself. The reporting tools are useful and let you know exactly what your children are up to.

Profil Parental Filter